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Polish are a very special and unique breed of chicken with their huge bouffant crest of feathers and v-shaped comb.  Perhaps the most iconic feature of polish chickens are their gorgeous feathery crests. Polish chickens always stand out due to the large fluffy bouffant of feathers that adorn their head like some kind of glamorous crown. It’s no surprise that the stylish look of these distinctive chicks make them a popular choice in poultry shows all round the world. When it comes to male crests in the competitive world of show chickens the bigger the better whereas a more round and even shaped crest is favored among hens.


Gifts 3 medium white eggs a week


Beauty may only be only skin deep but these glamorous girls are gorgeous inside and out. Stunning looks, sweet personality, mysterious history, polish chickens are a real catch when it comes to backyard chickens. 

Polish have some difficulty seeing from behind the fan of feathers that naturally grows over their eyes. Polish chickens are timid, loving and kind but can easily become frightened and appear ditzy.  You’d be anxious too if your line of site was always obstructed by a boa of fabulous feathers.

Despite the fact that their feathers sometimes get in the way of them seeing clearly, polish chickens are lauded for having shapely and attractive figures. Full breast, large wings and deep bodies, you’ll notice these girls coming as they strut up and down the chicken run.


This Mysterious Breed will Keep you Guessing as they are not from Poland. It is rumored that polish chickens may have gotten their name from the Dutch word “pol” that means head. There is considerable mystery about where these gorgeous girls come from. Some people believe polish chickens are native to the Netherlands, whereas others suspect they may have been brought to Europe by medieval mongols.


Several communities have laws in which roosters are not allowed.  The sex of a Polish being reliably identifiable by external characteristics on average is 90%.  Inspecting the shape of the crest reveals their sex.  A female chick's crest is round and full and located at the front of her head, while a male's is oval and runs more toward the back of his head. Thus, industry standard is to offer as a female chick or pullet.  To assist city families, we offer with your choice of female coverage or DNA sexed.

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