For planning purposes, our major crossroads are East Quincy Avenue and Strasburg Road in Strasburg, CO. 

To do our part to responsibly support our customers and reduce the risk of visiting families spreading the Coronavirus, we are modifying how we intake and fulfill orders until further notice.

  1. Place your order online..

  2.  Once your order is ready, we text phone number provided at checkout. 

  3. We offer daily deliveries  and curbside pick up on Saturdays 8am - 5pm and Mondays 6pm - 8pm.  

  4.  When you are ready to head out, text us at 303-359-9484 with your ETA.

  5. We will reply with exact GPS address information to make it easy to click and go. 

  6. We will prep your order and bring out to your vehicle when you arrive.  Families are asked to remain in their vehicles. 

As much as we enjoy sharing our farm with families and letting them pick out the exact chick at time of visit, we believe in following CDC social distancing recommendations.  Rather than answering questions in person, you may text us at 303-359-9484.   

We are happy to provide free support and answer urgent questions via text only: 303-359-9484   

To remain focused on the care of our animals, conducting safe deliveries, and timely preparation of customer orders, we are no longer able to accept calls.

Examining Crops


Serenity Sprouts is a working family farm. We are often caring for our animals or working on projects to enhance the lives we are blessed to care for.  We ask for a quick courtesy call or text 303-359-9484 to confirm our availability when you plan to visit our farm.  Our goal is to incorporate permaculture techniques to enrich our animals lives. 

We moved out to Strasburg in 2011 to rid ourselves of  futile city life  and settled into a simpler (harder working) homestead lifestyle. We began our chicken journey to provide organic quality eggs for our family and escape the supermarket alternative. The addiction took hold quickly.  First was the obsession of obtaining all the gorgeous egg colors: blue, brown, white, cream, green, olive, aqua blue, sky blue, chocolate, green with speckles, tan with speckles, and pink.

Once we had all the breeds that could deliver a beautiful egg basket, we were fascinated by the feather colors and the extremely rare breeds.

We raise extras for interested families which enables us to afford the care for the ones we keep. Meeting families and helping them learn about raising chickens struck a passion that we did not know existed. We enjoy helping families that are just getting started in their chicken and permaculture adventures.

I quickly began questioning why I would invest in raising our own chickens to feed the same nasty pellets that factory chickens are fed. After a lot of research, we were able to create our own Serenity Sprouting Mix. We offer whole foods/sprouts to our chickens and livestock. Not only are we able to feed them right with real organic food, but through methods of fermenting, sprouting, and/or growing to fodder, it is a cost savings over commercial pellet feed. This gives us something to be very proud of.

After assessing every life on the farm (plant, animal, human)  we determined the purpose of each, we take a permaculture approach on how we can enrich our animals lives, share with our local community, and become more and more self sustainable.

Our passion for animals has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future.  We strive to make the entire adoption, shopping, and farm experience as rewarding and fun as possible. Get in touch with nature and let us know if you have any questions or requests a long the way.



We are able to ship hatching eggs, nesting herbs, and feed.  While we do not ship live animals nor perishable food items. 
We offer the ability to select delivery within 200 miles from our farm.


If you are adopting live animals or purchasing pork/milk shares, you can select to have us deliver within 200 miles or pick up at the farm.  We will Text/Email when your order is ready for pick up  at our farm located in Strasburg, CO.


You do not need a Paypal account.  Simply, select 'Check out with Paypal' and the option to pay with a credit/debit card will be available.



Service as It Should Be

We consider each order a blessing and appreciate your family’s decision to purchase from our farm. We’d like to make adoption and product purchases a predictable and pleasant experience for all our customers.  We believe in clear communication of customer expectations to help families decide if they want to adopt/purchase from us. 

Delivery Services.

If you live within 200 miles and would like to have us deliver your order to you, we can. Our prices are less than lyft/uber rates. Price structure is based on round trip travel from 80136 to your desired delivery location based on google maps. 

Enjoy significantly reduced delivery services by selecting one of our preset meeting locations for only $20.

We will contact you to arrange a delivery time schedule after receiving your order. Please make sure you will be at the delivery destination. If you are not available to accept the delivery on agreed schedule, the delivery fee is not refundable and you will be liable to pick up from the farm for free or pay to reschedule a second delivery attempt.

 All orders from Serenity Sprouts are subject to the following terms and conditions, and any purchaser from Serenity Sprouts agrees to these terms and conditions as a prerequisite of ordering. There are no exceptions to these terms and conditions, so please read them carefully and be sure you are willing to abide by them before ordering.  

Ordering. Orders may be placed through our website.  If you have questions before placing your order you may contact us via email or call/text 303-359-9484. Serenity Sprouts  is a real working family farm. Our family stays busy taking care of our chickens and other livestock.  Our animals come first. So, there may be a delay in responding to your inquiries.  Please be patient.  By placing an order, you are agreeing to all Terms and Conditions.

Shipping, Delivery, Pick up. We do not ship live animals nor perishable food such as pork. All live animals must be picked up at the farm or the delivery option added. We do offer shipping on feed and other non-perishable items. We offer an optional delivery service for animals, bulk feed orders, pork, and milk shares within a 200 mile radius.

Chicken Sexing Guarantee Coverage. Unlike most domesticated animals, sexing is not 100% accurate.  Professional sexers do not sex bantam breeds and standard breeds only offer an 80-90% sexing accuracy.  Thus, you may invest in raising “Henrietta” your “female” chick and discover months later; your chicken has grown into “Handsome Henry” the Rooster.   There is no 100% guarantee on knowing the sex at time of adoption.  We understand that several families live in areas where city ordinances do not allow roosters.  While industry standard is not to provide rooster returns, we accept roosters and offer a store credit for the original amount paid for any female chick adopted.  Receipt and return of healthy rooster is required.

Chicken Vaccinations.  We choose good husbandry, providing adequate space, and organic raising methods. Considering the Marek’s vaccine is not 100% effective, is not a cure, and even vaccinated birds may later contract a different strain of Marek’s , we do not vaccinate. It is a personal choice. If you prefer to have your chicks vaccinated, reach out to us and we can share more information about your options.

Puppy  & Kitten Vaccinations. We administer the first set of vaccinations and preventative deworming for all puppies/kittens.

Pet Deposits.   A deposit is a financial commitment into an agreement of completing adoption.  We ensure that a pet is reserved and not offered to any other family. By placing a deposit, you are agreeing to provide a good loving home for the pet once he/she reaches 8+ weeks of age.  If the puppy or kitten adoption is not completed and picked up by 10 weeks of age, the animal is considered abandoned.  Your deposit is forfeited. We will use the deposit funds to continue boarding the animal and/or marketing his/her adoption.  Thus, if no prior written agreement for extended boarding service made, we may offer said puppy to another interested party without any further obligation to buyer placing this non-refundable deposit. 

Health Care Responsibility.  Once adopted, you are agreeing to take full responsibility for the current and future health of all adopted animals.  

Chickens. Raising chickens provides numerous life cycle lessons. Chickens are very vulnerable to predators, environment conditions, and illnesses.  In fact, coal miners used canaries as an early warning system for toxic gases such as carbon monoxide or methane.  Families wanting to maintain chickens as pets need to be emotionally prepared for loss when it occurs.

There are several flock management techniques that can decrease the risk.  We openly share any tips we have learned through personal experience. 
Baby chicks are especially vulnerable to a myriad of mortality risks.  

Puppies.  Families may upgrade to ACK certification in which AKC provides a free vet visit and an independent life insurance program.   

Prorated Life Insurance for Female Baby Chicks.  To help reduce the financial loss due to a predator attack, pet sitter mishap, illness, unnoticed birth defect, and/or accident resulting in death, we offer a generous complimentary Life Insurance for chicks purchased as female.  

Time of loss is calculated from time of pickup to the time photo proof of loss is received via text to 303-359-9484

<24 hours = Store credit of 100% of original purchase price

<48 hours = Store credit of 75% of original purchase price

<72 hours = Store credit of 50% of original purchase price

<10 days = Store credit of 20% of original purchase price

*No credit issued for female chick loss experienced over 10 days unless renting our brooder.  If renting our professional brooder to raise your chicks life insurance extends to 30 days for 20% credit.

Our unsexed chicks are deeply discounted. Thus, there is no life insurance  coverage of any kind for roosters or unsexed chicks.  Do not adopt any chicks that you do not want to take full ownership of their current and future health.  Life insurance does not provide coverage for any vet or medical cost you decide to incur to help support the well being of your flock.  The sole purpose of this coverage is to provide financial relief in the unfortunate event of needing to replace a deceased chick.  In the event of a loss, text a photo of the decease chick to phone number 303-359-9484. Provide any details of what you think may have occurred and which breed the chick was.  Arrange a time to come out and select a replacement chicken.  Bring your receipt or provide first and last name that your order is under.

* Days between loss experienced is calculated from the date of pick up and date photo of deceased bird is received.  Life insurance does not transfer to any replacement chickens. 

Handling Chicks Onsite. In order to handle chicks onsite, we ask that you sanitize your hands and ensure your shoes, clothing and hair has not been in contact with other birds. Please do not visit when you or your child is ill. Inspect each chicken you are adopting for color preferences, breed standards, and health.  Once adopted, you are taking full responsibility for the current and future health of all adopted chickens. 

Keeping  your Flock Healthy with Biosecurity.  It is recommended to keep new birds separate from your other birds for at least 30 days.  Prepare a plan to quarantine birds in the event of an emergency such as injury or illness.  Equipment, brooder, and coop should be disinfected before use.   For those wanting an organic flock, Oxine is a powerful organic farm approved disinfectant.  Most chicken illnesses are spread through feather dander, feces, and bodily fluids.  Wild bird exposure, pet shows, pet stores, feed stores, and animal swaps are typically at higher risk of spreading illnesses.   Cleaning and disinfecting your clothing, hair, hands, and shoes is recommended, if you have been near other animals especially birds.   It is recommended to wash your hands thoroughly with soap, water, and a disinfectant before and after handling your birds.  Keep living areas clean and change food and water daily. Make sure bedding is never damp.   
In choosing to adopt, you are agreeing with the above and will take full responsibility of any live animal adopted and treat them humanely (even if completing the lifecycle through chicken consumption).

Chicken Quality You Should Expect. You should expect birds that reflect the fundamental attributes of the breed. You should not expect a cosmetically perfect bird. In fact, you should expect to find some defects in virtually every bird you raise. Just as every child is not destined to become a supermodel, every bird is not destined to win ribbons at shows. Only a tiny fraction of chickens conform to their breed standard in all respects.  While many of our birds have done well in 4H and other shows, we do not represent that every bird we sell is show quality or is flawless. You should receive birds that can be the foundation for a breeding program that with enough time and skill can produce show-quality birds. You should also realize that the rarer the breed, the more likely you are to encounter problems related to inbreeding. For some breeds and varieties that we sell, the global breeding population consists of fewer than a dozen hens. We cull for obvious defects like crooked toes, scissor beak, but low fertility, low egg production, low disease resistance, and other challenges are not uncommon with extremely rare breeds. If you encounter these challenges when the birds become adults, you will need to address them with your own breeding plan.

We do not offer refunds of any kind.  Store credit is limited to the Sexing Guarantee Coverage and Female Prorated Chick Life Insurance.


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