We often have a waitlist for our puppies.  The right puppy is worth the wait!  Labradors offer an average of 15 years worth of loyal partnership and are worthy of your patience.



Why a Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers continue to be the most popular dog in the United States  since 1991. This will come as no surprise to anyone who has ever met a Labrador.   Originating from Newfoundland, Labradors served as companions to fisherman.  Labradors worked alongside fisherman all day to retrieve fish and tow in lines. At the end of a long work day, the dog went home and were treated as a member of the family.  The breed's history highlights why Labradors posses the need to please; resulting in an obedient and loyal dog.

Combine the Labrador’s obedient nature with their sharp intelligence and curiosity, and you’ve got the recipe for a dog who likes to learn.  Investing in their training and they will impress you. They take well to obedience training, which is a must to help them learn how to please your family.  Whether you work with a trainer or do it yourself, your Lab is ready and eager to learn. Keep a handful of treats ready as a reward!

Labradors sense of humor is very entertaining.  They are funny, silly, goofy bundles of fur that induce our laughter every day.  Labradors know how to bring out your fun side.

Their chill temperament makes them great with other pets and children. They also love being part of a pack and thrive on being a member of the family.  Obedient and adaptable, the Lab is perfect for an active family.

Rain or shine, Labs will love to join you on a walk, hike, hunt, retrieve, swim, or play sessions in the backyard.  They enjoy having a purpose making them the most versatile as a career service dog, hunting companion, or family pet. Trade out that monotonous treadmill for a walk with your lovable Lab. They bound around with a zest and passion that is second to none.  Their energy,  cheerfulness, and invigorated approach to life is downright contagious. You can’t help but feel happy and alive when you’re with a Lab!  This attribute is why they make excellent emotional support dogs. 

For grooming, all the Lab needs is the occasional bath and brushing. Their coat is short and dense.  No need for haircuts. No irksome hairballs. No tangles. No icky eyeball stains. 

Labs possess a keen instinct to love you unconditionally! They can sense your feelings and lend a loving, supportive paw when you need it. If you want a kind-hearted, lovable companion who will be there for you through thick and thin,  there is no doubt the Lab is the right dog for you.  

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Improving the Breed

The parents are our family's pets. We love the Labrador breed for the versatility in their abilities.  Labradors are well known to seek out how to please their owners.  Their intelligence and loyal love make them an excellent choice for a family pet, hunting companion, and/or service dog.   We partner with a non-profit service dog organization and prioritize their needs.

We are dedicated to improve the breed with each generation. Our careful consideration in pairing the right parents, brings us great pride in the genetics passed on to each puppy adopted.

We use Embark to conduct health screening DNA testing of 170+ genetic diseases to ensure the puppies we offer have the best genetics for a long, happy, healthy life. Our "last pick" puppy is often better than most "first pick puppy" elsewhere.

By researching the genetics of each of our dogs, it allows for deliberate mattings to improve bloodlines.  If a parent has one variant of a undesired genetic marker, we ensure it is absent in other parent to dilute the trait in their offspring.  Desired genetic markers are paired to increase passing on to their offspring.

In addition to health related genetics, we breed for desired behaviors, temperament, and physical traits.  For example, puppies that are food motivated are easier to train.  Being in Colorado, high altitude tolerance is another DNA trait we focus on.


Rocky Road Serenity

DOB 03/27/2020

Chocolate boy full of joy. Rocky loves hanging out with Tansy.

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Pepper Sage Serenity

DOB 10/13/2014

Pepper is our daughter's favorite.

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Anise Serenity

DOB 04/04/2016

Anise is 100% mommy's girl.

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Tansy Serenity

DOB 05/18/2018

Tansy is always ready to play.

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Jasmine Serenity

DOB 01/28/2017

Jasmine is very alert and let's us know when someone is coming to visit.

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Cocoa Bean Serenity

DOB 03/04/2016

Cocoa is a daddy's girl through and through.  

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