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Chicken Selection Guide

The information below provides guidance in determining the amount of chickens needed to meet your egg goals,  the best breeds to match your flock goal, and assistance in determining the best age to get your chickens.  Our organic raised girls are sure to offer the right variety.  If after reviewing this guide, you have follow up questions, text us your for the quickest response.  For those preferring dedicated support  book a phone flock consultation  or an on-site 'Pick your Peeps' session.

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Let us assist picking out the best breeds for your family.

Our Six Pack Specials are perfect for city families that have ordinates that limit the quantity of female chickens and do not allow roosters.  Whether your specific flock goal is a high production of eggs, gorgeous color of eggs, friendly pets, small bantam breeds, or a mix of gorgeous feather colors and funky fun unique birds, we have you covered. Our six pack collection of birds allows you to select what matters most to you and we use our expertise to hand select the chicks meeting your goal based on what breeds happen to be available at the time of order fulfillment.   Scroll to the bottom of this page to see what six pack specials we have available.

How many do you need?

Foraging space, Roosting bar space, amount of nesting boxes, and city ordinances may restrict the number of chickens you can add.  Determining your egg per week consumption, is another factor on the quantity and type of hens you may want in your flock.

What breed is the best for my flock goal?

Each breed brings it's own treasured purpose.  Taking the time to determine the characteristics that you are interested in, is the easiest way to build the perfect flock for your family.  Characteristics include: egg production, egg color, friendliness, pretty feathers, uniqueness, and economy pricing.

What age of chicken is best to buy?

Learn the benefits of each age group, from hatching eggs, baby chicks, starter pullets, and hens.

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What is so special about  the Serenity Sprouts local farm?

Where you get your chickens from matters.  Bloodline genetics, raising methods, care, and quality of food make massive impacts on the health and personality of your chickens.  We are unique and challenge industry standards.  No one else compares to our female life insurance, rooster homing, and store credit for accidental roosters.  You will find that we care about supporting families long after they pick up their chickens.

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