Whether you are an egg hatching pro (just needing eggs), or just getting started (needing everything), we are proud to offer a large variety of hatching egg options.


Choose to pick up or we can deliver within 100 miles from our farm. Chick hatching is a very memorable learning program for families, schools, business offices, and retirement communities that want to share hatching eggs with their kids, students, or special events.  It takes 21 days to incubate/hatch chicken eggs. Then, you decide how long you want to rent the brooder and watch them grow! At 6 weeks of age, the chicks can be outside and are easier to sex. We offer the ability to bring back any unwanted roosters and offer homing of any chicks that you are not able to keep out of the hatch.



In this 4-9-week program, you'll get everything you need to hatch eggs right at your location. The experience will begin with a Serenity Sprouts teacher visiting your group. We enjoy sharing the excitement and process of chicken development through a one-hour information sharing at the time of dropping of all the tools and equipment needed for your chick hatching adventure. We can customize our information sharing and curriculum based on the age group of the participants. Your audience will be in awe as they uncover the life development through our see-through incubators. We have developed detailed daily curriculum to incorporate math, science, art, English, and other subjects during the 21 days of hatching the eggs. As the eggs start cracking and chicks start emerging, you'll move them over into our professional brooder, giving them the conditions to thrive - heat, water and organic food. For the next week, your group will watch the chicks grow, learning first-hand about the cycle of life. The participants will be able to learn about sprouting whole grains and seeds to feed to the baby chicks. Once you are done, we can pick up all the tools/equipment and any unwanted chicks from the learning event. We are available to provide another hour of information sharing at the time of pick up the equipment.

To avoid Eggs hatching on days such as weekends when no one is in school, we help plan to ensure participants are available the days in which the chicks hatch. The educator handbook helps notate activities for each day of the hatch taking into consideration that schools are not open on the weekends.

It takes 21 days to incubate/hatch chicken eggs. Then, you decide how long you want to rent the brooder and watch them grow! At 5-6 weeks of age most chick breeds are easier to identify if they are roosters or not


You can sell the chicks in a raffle/auction as a great way for a school to pay for the program in it's entirety. 

We offer Discount on replacement eggs.
We offer a replacement discount if any of our eggs do not develop when locally incubated within 7 days. Simply bring us the eggs that have not developed on or before day 7 of your purchase and get replacement eggs for only $1 each. This helps ensure a good learning experience of watching egg development. This also provides you support during the first week. If the incubator was not set up properly for the right temperature and humidity or the eggs drop and get damaged, we still offer the abilty to replace. Delivery is available for a fee.

Coupons for participant families to purchase chicks from our farm
We provide student coupons to purchase chicks from our farm with their families. 

Fundraiser for next egg hatch
You will recieve 1% off your schools next "School Hatching Egg Experenice" for each student that brings their family to our farm and purchases chicks. That's right, if 100 students purchase chicks, you would be eligible for a free School Hatching Egg Experience!


• Rental of (2) See-through Auto-Turning Incubators 
• Rental of Candling flash light
• Rental of Professional Brooder complete with chick feeder, waterer, thermostat controlled heat source (no need for messy wood shavings)
• 18 Hatching Eggs
• Safe home for any hatched chicks not able to keep including roosters
• Discount on replacement eggs
• Participant Coupons 
• Fundraiser for next egg hatching experience (perfect for schools that like to hatch annually)
• Curriculum that includes math, science, reading, writing, health, and other development skills
• Sprouting grains and sprouting jars to sprout and feed to baby chicks
• Organic Chick Cereal
• Chick Grit 
• Instructors handbook, games, and worksheets
• Free technical support
• And some fun extras!

If you choose to have us deliver within 100 miles from our farm, we are happy to share information with the teachers/students for up to 1 hour during drop off and another hour at pick up. 

If you choose to pick up/drop off, you will be able to choose the eggs you want from the vareity available at the time you visit.


It takes 21 days to incubate chicken eggs. During the first 18 days, the eggs will be auto rotated. Then, for the final 3 days the eggs will set without being moved to help successful hatch. We provide (2) incubators. This helps will having one incubator in which the eggs are being candled and the other that is left alone to improve hatch rate.


Student and teacher curriculum that includes math, science, reading, writing, health, and other development skills. The curriculum provides worksheets and learning of several subjects from elementary ages to adult learning. The teacher guide ensures that the eggs are incubated on the right day of the week to ensure eggs hatch when students will be present. You will receive (1) Teacher's guide and several Student handbooks.


The current most common illnesses amongst baby chicks is spread through feather dander or wet droppings. This brooder offers the most hygenic environment to reduce risk of Marek's and Coccidiosis. The droppings never have a chance to fall into their food nor water as they both hang on the outside of the brooder. Their feces are quickly dropped below through a 1/2" mesh flooring and land on an easy to clean pull out tray. By having a pull out tray instead of wood shavings you can quickly see if everyone's droppings look normal as you change their paper. Roll up and toss or use in the garden as compost. Three clear plastic panels allow full and easy viewing and access. 28.5" feed/ water troughs provide ample feed and water space which is necessary to allow weaker chicks access in the presence of more dominant chicks. The troughs are mounted on the outside of the brooder. In addition to reducing the mess of cleaning droppings out of water and feed, it also saves on feed. Traditional feeders get pine shavings and potential droppings in them or the chicks scratch and make a food mess in their bedding. Designed to allow you to enjoy a weekend away and come back to healthy chicks.The 300-watt heater provides sufficient heat while the vented plastic side panels keep out drafts. As chicks are drawn to light rather than heat, each heater has a socket for a low wattage attraction light bulb (2 bulbs included), which helps to hold the chicks in the heated area. Each brooder comes with a thermometer and a wafer thermostat, which is accurate to 1 degree.Each side panel comes with an adjustable gate to regulate openings for chick size as they grow.Brooder dimensions are 32" X 38" X 12". I recommend a max 32 chicks up to 6 weeks of age then transition to outside.

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