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Your order of a dozen fresh chicken hatching eggs is fulfilled based on eggs our hens gift us within 24 hours of pick up.  We raise over 20 breeds. So, you are sure to get a great variety of feather and egg colors.  Need an Incubator, click here.  Just getting started, click here.


Safe home for unwanted hatched chicks:    If you need a home for the chicks once the learning event is over, we can give a home to any unwanted chicks including roosters.  We provide options to secure a safe home for any hatched chicks educators and families are not able to keep such as roosters. This decision needs to be determined at the time of purchasing and is not able to be added on later.  


Select the safe homing option that best fits your need.   Nature is impossible to predict.  Professional incubators typically yield a 95% hatch rate, 80%  hatch rate for small auto turning incubators when eggs are left alone, and about a 50% hatch rate if using a broody hen, opening the incubator for candling, or manually turning the eggs. Of the hatched chicks plan for 50% to be roosters. There are no guarantees but with this sample estimate, the average home hatch is 8 chicks. Of these chicks, nature averages 50% males and 50% females. Thus, 4 roosters is the average, but could be higher or lower.


(+$40) Rehome all chicks less than 3 weeks old: This option covers any chicks you want to surrender at 3 weeks or younger to have a reserved home with us. At this age, most families will not be able to identify the sex of the chicks. Great option for those that do not want to keep any of the chicks, have a limit on the amount of chicks they want to keep, or are able to sex and bring unwanted back in time.  We are not able to accept any chicks after 6 weeks from the date of egg purchase.


(+$80) Rehome up to (4) Roosters once Identified:  We understand that most people are not able to determine the difference between male and females as chicks. Thus, we do not place time limit on the length of time it takes you to identify you have a rooster. Most signs are apparent around 5-6 weeks of age. However, you are welcome to keep until the boys start crowing. This option covers (4) roosters with no time limit on when you decide to bring the boys out. It can be at early identification or once crowing. If you end up needing a home for more than (4) roosters, the extras can be enrolled in our Pet Rooster Gentlemen's Club. 


No Rehoming Needed:    This option means you are making the commitment that you will provide ethical care and responsibility for the lives for all the chicks that hatch. If you later decide a rooster needs a home, you may enroll him/ them in our Pet Rooster Gentlemen's Club at the normal intake fee providing we are not at intake capacity, they are 4+ months old, in perfect health, and meet friendliness requirements.

Dozen Chicken Hatching Eggs

PriceFrom $24.00
  • By placing an order through this website, you are agreeing to all Terms and Conditions.

  • While we average 95% hatch rate with our eggs with the use of our professional incubator, we are not able to guarantee the hatch rate that customers will experience with their incubator or other methods.

    There is a risk that not all eggs purchased will hatch. If you do not want to invest in the natural risk of unhatched eggs, consider buying live chicks.

    We do our part in providing fresh, high rate of fertile eggs from quality, healthy parent stock. Hatch rates are decreased when using a low-quality incubator, frequent disruption of opening the incubator with excitement of egg candling, humidity, altitude, temperature, broody hen, nature, and the occasional clear egg. The good news is you will learn every time you incubate a batch of eggs. It  won’t take too long that when things don’t go as planned you will more than likely understand why.

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