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Family Sized Incubator:

Incubator can handle up to 9 chicken hatching eggs. We offer buy-back options on our family sized incubator equipment once done. Should you decide to return after use, select from $50 store credit or $30 refund issued to the original payment method.


Egg Candler: Allows you to view the action occurring inside the egg easily.


Professional Incubator & Hatcher Unit

For chicken eggs, load one rack a week. Lower the oldest eggs into the hatcher during their last week opening another rack. If you follow this procedure, you can hatch up to 90 chicken eggs a week with 270 total eggs loaded into the incubator.


Features mechanically timed automatic egg turning. Digital Display and control unit. Plastic board construction makes the cabinet better insulated, quieter, and easier to clean. Units are hand assembled in the USA and tested for a full 24 hours for proper operation and calibration. 110-120VAC, 50/60 Hz, 325 Watts. TUV Listed


Total capacity based on your egg tray selection: 744 Quail Eggs, 276 pheasant/ bantam chicken eggs, 270 chicken eggs, 120 peafowl, turkey or duck eggs, and 36-45 larger eggs such as goose, peafowl, and emu. Actual capacity may depend on egg size. Hatching capacity is limited to the hatching drawer, which is the same size as 1 rack of egg trays. DIMENSIONS: 301/4” Front to Back, 153/4” Wide, 313/4” High.


Your order may be fulfilled with refurbished equipment from our equipment buy-back program.

Incubator & Hatcher

PriceFrom $60.00
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