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Efficient Workers

Mom is usually right and Mother Nature knows her stuff!  Rotting composted food can be a smelly, gross, bug attraction when left in the hands of humans breaking their backs to turn it. A rooster is the right man for the job.  Fill your heart with the joy of happy chickens, flourishing gardens, and the best organic soil made possible by promoting your flock to a career in composting.  Chickens devour rogue bugs and love diving into a compost pile. Their natural scratching turns compost as they consume  undesirable things in your compost like meat and dairy providing the necessary aeration. This natural  way to compost delivers needed nitrogen that your vegetables will love and turns into a nutrient dense soil with an appealing aroma of sugary dirt. 


Flock Protector

Roosters keep an  eye out as the ladies free range.  He will sound the warning alarm anytime danger  is perceived.    Typically,  a high-pitched scream or shriek  occurs when he spots an owl, hawk, or other airborne predator. Boisterous repetitive clucks occur when non-flying creatures invade their territory.  

One of the eminence instincts of a rooster is to protect his flock – or go down like a hero. The bravest, biggest, rooster is no match for large animal threats. Yet, a quality rooster will sacrifice his life to protect his flock.


Maintaining Order

Hens seek out opportunities to move up the pecking order.  A rooster provides stability and order to a flock.  A quality roo ends  ruckus before it spirals out of control.

When two hens square off over a perceived offense, the rooster intervenes emitting loud clucking to mediate the dispute. Mature roosters provide a calming influence.


Entertaining Mating Dance

No-cost admission to the greatest shows!  Watch the funky chicken  three step dance. To impress the ladies, roosters revert to showing off their savvy dance moves.  The rooster will dance half-way around a female almost as if he were on his tippy toes.

If she is pleased, the hen will then kneel and allow him to mate her.

Unfortunately, some hens have higher expectations and the dance ends with a hen rejecting her suitor, and the rooster ambushing the hen later. 

Nevertheless, the dance is sure to be entertaining and help reveal the flock dynamics.



A hen without a rooster will still lay eggs. However, a grocery store egg from a factory farm (no roosters) will never become a chick.  Just like humans, it requires a male to fertilize a female egg  and all the proper conditions, develop a baby chick.  It is recommended to keep 1 rooster per 8 hens for egg fertilization purposes.

Fertilized eggs for consumption are no different to the taste or appearance than non-fertlized eggs. 


Improving the Breed & Conservation

Becoming a responsible steward of the world’s rarest and most beautiful chickens is not task we take lightly.  For those interested in improving a breed or saving a rare breed from extinction it can take decades of dedication to make a significant difference.


Chivalry Isn't Dead

Their display of amazing chivalry is both amazing fascinating to observe. An enthusiastic cluck sends every hen within an enclosure rambling as fast as they to discover the treat treasure the rooster has found.  The rooster uses extreme self control as he stands over the treat. To draw more attention, he will repeat picking it up and dropping it or let the girls take it out of his mouth.



Let's be honest. It is a special feeling when you can look out your window and identify all the eye candy foraging around like living art.  Roosters look absolutely stunning in comparison to their female counter parts.  The sun dances on their feather oils shining iridescent colors and vibrancy to the flock.


Nature's Song

We consider the outbursts of crowing roosters nature's celebrative song of living in rural America.  When we go outside and deliver their fresh sprouts, the flocks run in excitement to greet us and we get to hear roos sound off.

It is curious to me that city ordinances  despise a rooster’s signature sound, yet the sound of barking dogs and sirens are acceptable to be woken to?  I will take the soothing pre-dawn sounds of multiple roosters crowing across the fields over a barking dog and siren any day.  The glorious crow signifies all is right with the world and am grateful to be sharing another day's begining. 

While many assume roosters crow due to the rising of the sun, this is a myth.

Roosters crow for reasons even if he is the only one that can figure out the reason why. It's one of the ways they use to protect their hens. Mostly, it's to announce their territory.  In a multi-rooster flock the most dominant with crow first and the others will crow in their pecking order. if someone tries to crow out of turn the dominant rooster will take corrective action.

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Are Roosters Aggressive?

A rooster’s instinct is to protect his flock from harm.  They will fend off all sorts of predators to protect their ladies. 

Where you get your rooster from matters.  Both genetics and environment can increase aggressive behaviors.  If he’s had a rough life,  he  will consider humans a threat to his flock. The misunderstanding of and mistreatment of roosters encourages aggressive behaviors.

Serenity Sprouts Pet Gentlemen's Club roosters are known for their friendliness.  This is achieved from families (especially children) that spend lots of one on one time with their rooster to establish trust. Kids are excellent at carrying them around, scratching their back, petting and  softly talking to the roosters.  When trust is earned, roosters are well behaved.

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