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Keep in mind that we do not ship live animals.  We offer local pick up in Strasburg, CO.

 Ayam Cemani   Barnevelder   Bielefelder   Brahma    Breeder's Choice  Bantam Cochin   Coronation Sussex    

 Cream Legbar  Easter Egger   Frizzle    Isabella     Isbar   Marans   Olive Egger   Orpington    Plymouth Rock   Polish     Rhode Island   Salmon Faverolle     Serenity Cross    Speckled Sussex    Silkie     Wyandotte 

Complete Hatching Experience    Starter Flock Set Up    Hatching Eggs 

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Design an egg basket your neighbors will envy:

Cream Legbar (Sky Blue)  Olive Egger (Green)  Marans (Dark Chocolate)      

Easter Egger ( Usually Aqua Blue)   Isbar (Green with speckles)  Isabella (White eggs)  Ayam Cemani (Cream)  Salmon Faverolle (tan with pink hues

Proud to Stand Out!

Where you get your chickens from matters

We love our chickens and care for the families selecting us as their chicken source.  Serenity Sprouts offers the rarest values absent in the chicken industry.  LEARN MORE

It is with great honor, to attract the most amazing chicken loving families. Monique impressed us with her Storyvine video testimony to demonstrate her authentic appreciation.  

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