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Enter in the Saturday that you would like to pick up your order. Kits are ready now and may pre-order up to 1 year in advance.


We offer an equipment buy-back program if you do not want to keep it to reuse year after year. We offer $100 for each brooder returned and $25 for each incubator returned. This can reduce your total investment by $150!

Complete Hatching Egg Experience

PriceFrom $500.00
  • Your audience will be in awe while witnessing firsthand the miracle of life.  A darkened room, an egg candler, and natural curiosity, will shed light on the movement and growth of the embryos into chicks.  We developed detailed daily curriculum to incorporate math, science experiments, art, English, games, and other life lessons during the 21 days of hatching the eggs.   The see through incubator allows protective observation as the eggs start cracking and chicks start emerging.   Once the chicks down dries into cute balls of fluff,  you'll move them over into a serenity brooder, giving them the conditions to thrive.

    Enjoy determining breeds and sex as you watch the chicks grow, learning first-hand about the cycle of life. The participants will be able to learn about nutrition and sprouting whole grains and seeds to feed to the baby chicks.

    Most breeds are easier to identify if they are roosters or not by 5-6 weeks.   You have the luxury of keeping the chickens as long as you want.  Once you determine the ones you do not want to keep, contact us and we are happy to give them a home.

    While the education and bonding during this complete hatching experience is truly priceless, we make it an affordable investment for more families to enjoy!

    This program is perfect for families, schools, business offices, and retirement communities that want to share the experience of hatching eggs with their kids, students, or special events.

    The kit includes: (2) Auto-Turning Incubators, (18) fertile hatching eggs, discount on replacement eggs, a candling flashlight, a serenity brooder complete with chick feeder, waterer, safe thermostat controlled heat source, 20lbs of organic chicken cereal with grit, sprouting jar with organic sprouting seeds, fundraiser opportunity, safe home for any unwanted hatched chicks, rooster homing, hatching games, experiment ideas, and educational curriculum and guidance through the hatching experience for multiple age groups.

    We will buy back equipment in good condition  to help reduce your total financial investment.  There is no time limit on equipment return.  Enjoy it year after year, or return after one use. We offer additional hatching eggs by the dozen, so you can hatch as little or as much as you want!

    (2) Auto-Turning Incubators  We include (2) incubators with the intent that one is used for frequent candling and observation of embryo development and the other is not frequently opened to improve hatching success.  The see through incubator allows the ability to witness all stages of hatching without interrupting the temperature and humidity needed for the chicks to survive.

    (18) Fertile Hatching Eggs   We raise a large variety of rare and common chicken breeds.  We include a random assortment of eggs that our hens decide to gift your family within 24 hours of your scheduled pick up. The eggs are unmarked as part of the fun is guessing and learning about all the different breeds’ features and characteristics.   

    Breed possibilities include:  Ayam Cemani, Bielefelder, Plymouth Rock (Barred), Rhode Island Red, Wyandotte (Silver Laced, Gold Laced, Blue Laced Red), Barnevelder (Gold, Blue, Siliver), Orpington (Lavender, Isabel, Chocolate, Buff), Easter Eggers, Isbar (Blue, Black, Splash), Bresse (Blue , Black, White), Polish (Snow White, Golden Laced, Silver Laced, Buff laced, Blue Laced), Blue Partridge Brahma, Olive Eggers, Cream Legbar, Sussex (Speckled, Coronation), Cream Legbar, Salmon Favorolle, Marans (Blue Copper , Black Copper, Blue Birchen, Wheaten), Serenity Cross, and more!

    Discount on replacement eggs   We offer a replacement discount in the event; any of our eggs do not develop when incubated within 7 days. Simply bring us the eggs that have not developed on or before day 7 of your purchase, and get replacement eggs for only $1 each. This helps ensure a successful hatch and learning experience.  We believe in providing extra support.  Thus, if the incubator was not set up properly for the right temperature and humidity or the eggs drop and get damaged, we still offer the ability to replace.

    Candling flashlight   Candling the eggs is where you get to witness the magic of nature.  Turning the lights out and placing the candling flashlight over the fat top of the egg offers the ability to see through the egg and identify all the parts and miracle of life.

    Serenity Brooder  This is the same brooder system that we use for our baby chicks. It addresses all the main concerns families have about raising chickens. It is designed to eliminate stress in young birds (and owners) by providing plenty of automatic heat, fresh air, light, sanitary feed and water system, protection from cats or other indoor pets, and safe thermostat controlled heater.

    The current most common illnesses amongst baby chicks are spread through feather dander or dropping contamination in their water. This brooder offers the most hygienic environment to reduce risk of Marek's and Coccidiosis. The droppings never have a chance to fall into their food nor water as they both hang on the outside of the brooder. Their feces are quickly dropped below through a 1/2" mesh flooring and land on an easy to clean pull out tray. By having a pull out tray instead of wood shavings you can quickly see if everyone's droppings look normal as you change their paper. Roll up and toss or use in the garden as compost.

    Three clear plastic panels allow full and easy viewing and access. 28.5” feed/ water troughs provide ample feed and water space which is necessary to allow weaker chicks access in the presence of more dominant chicks. The troughs are mounted on the outside of the brooder. In addition to reducing the mess of cleaning droppings out of water and feed, it also saves on feed. Traditional feeders get pine shavings and potential droppings in them or the chicks scratch and make a food mess in their bedding. Designed to allow you to enjoy a weekend away and come back to healthy chicks.

    The 300-watt heater provides sufficient heat while the vented plastic side panels keep out drafts. As chicks are drawn to light rather than heat, each heater has a socket for a low wattage attraction light bulb (2 bulbs included), which helps to guide the chicks in the heated area. Each brooder comes with a thermometer and a wafer thermostat, which is accurate to 1 degree.
      Compared to a standard heat lamp, this system is far superior in every way.  A standard heat lamp runs 24/7 while this energy saving system only turns on as needed.  A standard heat lamp can cause a fire within 45 seconds of falling on the standard wood shavings used for bedding.   

    The see-through side panels allow children to safely watch the chicks in the brooder versus, the concern of excited kids accidently knocking a standard heat lamp into the brooder. Each side panel comes with an adjustable gate to regulate openings for chick size as they grow.

    Brooder dimensions are 32" X 38" X 12".

    We recommend a max 32 chicks up to 6 weeks of age then transition to outside in the standard height brooder system. If you want to grow your chicks out more than 6 weeks, add the optional height extension to allow up to 16 chicks to grow out up to 2.5 months.

    20lbs of Organic Chick feed with Grit  Start the chicks off right with the organic food.  Chicks need grit to digest their food since they do not have teeth.

    Sprouting Jar with Organic Sprouting Seeds   We will also include our organic whole grains and seeds so that students can sprout them a week before the expected hatch to feed the baby chickens. We include instructions on how to ferment, sprout, and grow fodder.

    Fundraiser Opportunity   You will receive 1% off your schools next "School Hatching Egg Experience" for each student that chooses our farm to purchase chicks. That's right, if 100 students purchase chicks, you would be eligible for a free School Hatching Egg Experience!

    Safe home for unwanted hatched chicks

    If you need a home for the chicks once the learning event is over, we can give a home to any unwanted chicks including roosters.We provide options to secure a safe home for any hatched chicks educators and families are not able to keep.  This decision needs to be determined at the time of purchasing.

    Select the safe homing option that best fits your need.  Nature is impossible to predict.  Plan for 80% of the (9) eggs that are left alone in the incubator to hatch and about 50% of the (9) eggs that are used for candling and projects through the learning experience to hatch.  Of the hathced chicks plan for 50% to be roosters.  There are no guarantees but with this sample estimate, the average hatch is 11-12 chicks.  Of these chicks, nature averages 50% males and 50% females. Thus, 6 roosters is the average, but could be higher or lower.

    (+$40) Rehome all chicks less than 3 weeks old:  This option covers any chicks you want to surrender at 3 weeks or younger to have a reserved home with us.  At this age, most families will not be able to identify the sex of the chicks.  Great option for those that do not want to keep any of the chicks, have a limit on the amount of chicks they want to keep, or are able to sex and bring unwanted back in time.

    (+$100) Rehome up to (6) Roosters once Identified  We understand that most people are not able to determine the difference between male and females as chicks. Thus, we do not place time limit on the length of time it takes you to identify you have a rooster. Most signs are apparent around 5-6 weeks of age. However, you are welcome to keep until the boys start crowing. This option covers  (6) roosters with no time limit on when you decide to bring the boys out.  It can be at early identification or once crowing.  If  you end up needing a home for more than (6) roosters, the extras can be enrolled in our Pet Rooster Gentlema's Club.

    No Rehoming Needed  This option means you are making the commitment that you will provide ethical care  and responsibility for the lives for all the chicks that hatch.  If you later decide a rooster needs a home, you may enroll him/ them in our Pet Rooster Gentlema's Club at the normal intake fee providing we are not at intake capacity, they are 4+ months old, in perfect health, and meet friendliness requirements. 

    Educational Curriculum & Hatching Experience Guidance

    Our curriculum offers a guide and hands on fun learning experience for all age groups.

    The curriculum provides worksheets and learning of several subjects from elementary ages to adult learning.  The educator guide ensures that the eggs are incubated on the right day of the week to ensure eggs hatch when students will be present. You will receive a gift code to download all the games and curriculum.

    We developed detailed daily curriculum to incorporate math, science experiments, reading, writing, problem solving, health, and many other life skills during the 21 days of hatching the eggs.

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