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The bloodline quality in our Marans is obvious by the deep chocolate eggs they lay!  Marans are selected with the goal of getting the darkest eggs possible. Which make sense, because even though they’re very nice, gentle birds, it’s the color of their eggs are the astonishing trait of the Marans.


Gifts 3-4 large chocolate eggs a week


Their gentle temperaments and quiet demeanor makes them ideal for suburban backyard chicken keepers as they rarely bullied.


Our Marans bloodlines are a combination of the finest bloodlines that over the years we have been fortunate enough to obtain. Our show quality Marans bloodlines include: Bev Davis, Wade Jean, Rodney Reeves, Ron Presley, Greenfire farms, Mashburn Marans (Winner of The Marans Chicken Club Dark Show and Peoples Choice Award in Newnan, GA February 17th 2018), and other devoted Marans professionals. The result is the finest Marans possible for egg color, personality, and show.  
The egg color produced by the Marans hen has to be a #4 on the chart or darker to even be recognized as a Maran. Often hatcheries fall short on delivery the dark chocolate color aficionados seek.  Anything in the 8 or 9 range is very rare. Hens are most likely to lay this color of egg in the beginning of their laying cycle and right after a molt. Then, the eggs will get lighter.


Several communities have laws in which roosters are not allowed.  The sex of a brahma being reliably identifiable by external characteristics on average is 90%.  Vent sexing as a day old is most common sexing method for this breed. Thus, industry standard is to offer as a female chick or pullet.  To assist city families, we offer with your choice of female coverage or DNA sexed.

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