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Fertile Hatching



Experience first hand the joy and amazement of an egg developing in to a cute, fluffy, downy baby chick in just 3 weeks.   If you are looking to learn or teach children about the cycle of life, hatching eggs can  incorporate lots of learning from math, science, reading, writing, and a better appreciation for life and where our food comes from. Our hatching experience packages includes fun curriculum to learn as the eggs hatch.   If egg color is important to you, it is nice to hatch chicks from the exact egg color shade that you are looking for.  Considering we do not ship live animals, this is an option for out of state families that want our bloodlines/breeds in their flock.

Care Considerations:

If you are lucky enough to have a broody hen, all you need is 3 weeks of warm weather, nesting box herbs for your hard working hen, and she will do the rest! We offer incubators that sustain the appropriate temperature and humidity  needed for eggs to hatch for those without the luxury of a broody hen.   Once hatched, the baby chicks will need a temperature controlled  home. Our complete hatching experience comes with everything needed from egg to reaching outside ages. 

Other Considerations:

As in nature of all births, you can expect 50% to be female and 50% to be males.  We offer hatching experience packages in which we can home any unwanted chicks  or roosters once identified.

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Our optional rooster/ chick homing options make it easy for city families and educators.


Newborn - 4 Weeks old

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Benefits: If you are looking to build a bond from the beginning, baby chicks are perfect.  Standard breeds can be sexed with 80-95% accuracy unlike eggs.  There is a cost savings by ordering babies versus older chickens.  Highest chance of avaialbity for the exact breed and feather colors desired.

Care Considerations:  

Baby chicks require a heat source, water, food, grit, and protection.  During the 1st week chicks ideal temperature is 95F.  Each week the chicks temperature should be turned down by 5 degrees to help acclimate to cooler temperatures. ​We offer complete start up packages which includes everything needed including the rental of our professional brooders.

Other Considerations:  

We offer sexing guarantee coverage on all females sold to help with homing roosters and offering store credit for accidental roosters returned in perfect health.  We also offer a 10 day life insurance. Observing chicks health and behavior is important to ensure they get the care they need. Chicks have a higher mortality rate than older chickens.  Stressed chicks will get pasty-butt and their dried droppings need to be cleaned from their vents.  Cold chicks will huddle and hot chicks will try their best to escape the heat.  

Baby Chick Needs

Organic Feed and Care

Starter Pullets

Outside Ready


Benefits:  They are fully feathered and ready to forage outside.  They are still young enough if you want to develop a bond.   Sexing is more obvious as bright red combs develop on most rooster breeds at 5 weeks of age.  

Care Considerations:  

Stater Pullets prefer 65°F - 75°F
6 - 7 week-olds can handle coop temperature >50°F 
8 - 10 week-olds can handle coop temperature >32°F 
11 - 15 week-olds can handle coop temperature >0°F 
Cold tolerant hens can handle up to -20°F when adequate shelter is provided.  Each chicken can generate 35 BTUs of heat. Thus, sharing a coop with several other flock members provides ample group warmth.

Other Considerations:  This age group is popular and some breeds may not be available.  We offer Starter pullets by breed, however,  selecting feather color is typically not an option at this age. There is still a slight chance that your pullet is really a rooster. Sexing accuracy varies by breed.

Starter Pullet Needs

Organic Feed and Care