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Embryology Fundraiser Program

We would love to help you obtain our hatching eggs and our complete embryology experience kit for free. Hatching chicken eggs offers so many educational lessons and creates an active learning that brings lifetime memories.  Our complete hatching experience brings an in-school field trip experience.  It is perfect for science camps, science birthday parties, after school youth clubs, pre-school programs, and scout programs.

This free downloadable fundraiser letter allows your organization, family, or school to provide information to parents on how they can help raise funds to obtain free fertile hatching eggs or discounted/free complete hatching experience for the classroom.  We are willing to help you customize the letter to meet the needs of your specific supporters. If you have questions about the fundraiser opportunity, let us know.  We hope this will give your organization the extra boost to make this and future years of active learning through egg hatching easier.

How it works

Fundraiser Leader:

1. Download the free PDF letter at and review to determine if any edits are needed to fit your audience.

2. Email us any edits/logos you prefer to be added to the letter.  Request a code to track your fundraiser success.  We provide a new customized PDF containing your unique gift code which is valid for 3 months.

3.  Distribute to your supporters via printed letters or email.

4. Families place their orders on our website and apply the gift code at checkout. We track the number of orders by your fundraiser gift code and provide your choice of donation.

5. After the fundraiser, reach out to us to determine how many orders were raised and your preference of  how we apply the funds. Choose from individual hatching eggs or our complete hatching experience.  Each order placed with your unique fundraiser code earns your choice of (1) free fertilized egg or $5 off a complete hatching experience per order.   If you achieve 100 orders, you may choose 100 free fertilized eggs or a free $500 complete hatching experience kit.   If orders reach over 100, you can choose to split the fundraiser prize with the complete hatching kit and have even more free eggs. The extra eggs can be picked up separately to fund multiple hatching events.

6.  We will provide new gift code(s) to enable you to place an order once ready to pick up your free items.



For the families supporting the fundraiser:

1. The PDF outlines the fundraiser program and checkout instructions.

2.  Each order total needs to be a minimum of $50 to apply the gift code.  The gift code offers 10% off their entire order. We offer eating eggs and other items that even families that are not able to maintain a backyard chicken flock can enjoy.


Embryology Fundraiser Program

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