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Where FOWL language is okay.

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The poultry industry standard is to sell chickens as sexed females.  While professional sexers do their best, unfortunately, external sexing is not always possible.  If an accidental rooster occurs, families are stuck with fixing the problem.  The industry standard is for customers to accept sexing is not 100% and no credit, or returns are accepted.  This industry standard and terminating the life of the day old sexed roosters (suffocation or grinding) is why feed stores and hatcheries are able to offer “female” chicks at a low cost.   Nature produces 50% males and 50% females, so for every female chick, there is the potential of an unwanted rooster.  While we cannot house every rooster that large hatcheries produce, we are trying to do our part in helping Colorado families and roosters that find themselves in this situation.

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With most pets, an accidental boy is a simple shrug of the shoulders and, “I love you anyways”.  Chickens are the only pet that if you accidentally get a boy, it may be illegal to keep him.  We established the Gentleman's club for families that live in the city and legally cannot have a rooster.

If you agree with what we are trying to accomplish, any donations to help us expand our rooster habitat is deeply appreciated. Our current projects are building a raised garden bed of herbs for the boys and building more coops to house everyone for the winter.  Material needs include: T-posts,  chain link fence panels, coops, cinder-blocks, retraining wall blocks, started perennial organic herb plants, and picnic tables.


For families lucky enough to add a rooster, please consider our Gentleman Club Roosters.  They are the finest, friendliest gentleman. Most of these boys were held and loved on as family pets until discovering their manly voice. While they will have a great life on our farm, they would love their own flock of ladies.


Did you raise Henrietta and find out later he is crowing more like a Henry? We offer a home for pet roosters in our "Gentleman's Club". While it is okay to be COCKY and use FOWL language, roosters must be respectful of children. Roosters that are aggressive towards people are not eligible.  To join, your rooster needs to be in perfect health (no missing feathers, no parasites, no injuries, and never experienced an illness requiring antibiotics to recover within his lifetime.  Adults only (should be crowing and at least 4 months old).

We require a one time enrollment fee for each rooster joining our Gentleman's Club.  This fee funds approximately 10% of his lifetime care expenses.  We cover the rest.  Families can choose to contribute more if desired.