To join, your rooster needs to be 100% healthy and never experienced any illness that required antibiotics to recover within his lifetime..  No feathrs should be missing, no mites, no lice, no bumble foot, no genentic defects or injuries.   While it is okay to be COCKY and use his FOWL language, he must not be aggressive in any way.  Aggressive roosters towards people or others are not eligible.  Adults only (must be atleast 3 months old).


Any donations to help us expand our rooster habitat is deeply appreciated.    Current need is more fencing, coops, cinder-blocks & retraining wall blocks (build a raised garden bed), Organic Herb plants, and picnic tables.


A $10  membership fee is required for each Rooster accepted into the "Gentleman's Club".  $10 allows us to feed the rooster our organic sprouts the first 3 months of his stay.   My hope is that families will purchase from and support sellers that accept roosters back to help eliminate this problem.  Thus, if you decide you want to purchase a >$20 in female replacement from us, we waive the intake fee.


Gentleman's Club - Rooster Intake

Donation or Rooster Membership

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