There is a one time enrollment fee.  

While it is okay to be COCKY and use FOWL language, it is an ADULT only club.

Adults only.  
To join in with similar sized gents, he must have a fully developed manly voice and be able to be outside in the winter without any supplemental heat. (atleast 4 months old). If you identify you have young boys earlier, you may pre-enroll to hood a reservation and bring out once of age.

Gentlemen, No fighting.
He must not be aggressive in any way.  Roosters agressive towards small children or others are not eligible.   Agressive behavior is defined as the rooster will run towards you when your back is turned or pecks at your feet. 

Perfect Health.
Several families intrust us to provide a safe home for the roosters that they enroll. This is only possible if we are picky about the health of new members.   Roosters need to be 100% healthy and never experienced any illness that required antibiotics to recover within his lifetime. No feathers should be missing, no mites, no lice, no bumble foot, no genentic defects or injuries.

Gentleman's Club - Rooster Intake

Rooster Roots
  • A membership fee is required for each Rooster accepted into the "Gentleman's Club". The fee allows us to feed the rooster our organic sprouts the first months of his stay and continue to improve their habitat. My hope is that families will purchase from and support sellers that accept roosters back to help eliminate this situation. Thus, we offer a coupon for 10% off your next chicken order when you enroll your rooster with us.

    Accidental Rooster Purchased from us?

    You do not need to enroll.  We offer a free home to all accidental roosters that were purchased as a female chick from us.  In addition, we provide a store credit based on orginal purchased price.

    Accidental Rooster Purchased from somewhere else?

    We currently still have room.  It is typically harder to find pet homes for roosters that come from hatchery/feed store bloodlines.  Thus, there is a higher enrollment fee for roosters that were not purchased from us.

    Too many Roosters from a batch of unsexed chicks or hatching eggs purchased from us?  

    We have huge sucess in finding homes for the roosters with our bloodlines.  The roosters often are able to find homes where families raise as pets, show,  or want to improve the breed.  Thus, we offer a significant discount on roosters that were purchased as unsexed chicks from us.  Please note: A valid reciept is required for this discounted option.


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