A small bag of dust bath mix in to add to your chicken's dust bath sand box.
Chickens fight mites and lice naturally through dust bathing. Provide an open box (at least 2’x2’x16’ ) for chickens to “bathe” in. Fill with clean sand and a packet of our Herbs and Diatomaceous Earth in the dust bath.

Herbs we choose and why:
Lavender, mint and rosemary​ are natural insecticides.
Anise, dill, fennel, ginger and mint ​are good disease and parasite preventions.
Dried yarrow ​is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, clears sinuses and respiratory systems, is a stress reliever, heals wounds and serves as an insecticide.
Cinnamon reduces inflammation, has anti-infectious, antibacterial and antioxidant properties and can help guard against neurological diseases. Cinnamon contains a compound that thins blood, which means that it also helps circulatory systems, which improves blood flow to combs, wattles and feet, helping to prevent frostbite. Also, cinnamon is commonly used to help treat nasal congestion, coughing, infections, and the common cold. Since chickens have such complex breathing systems and are so susceptible to respiratory issues, adding cinnamon to their diet is extremely beneficial.

Dust Bath Mix In - Protect your Chickens from mites

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