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A blend of organic grains, organic flax meal, and select vitamins and minerals sourced from North American farms. Naturally Free Organic Layer Feed contains an optimum level of protein appropriate for laying hens ages 16+ weeks to support increased egg production. The higher levels of calcium found in this blend help to produce stronger eggshells. This feed is suitable for ducks, geese, and all waterfowl.


As an authorized retailer for Scratch and Peck products we are happy to offer any product that they offer such as pig, sheep, goat, and/or broiler. Text any special requests to 303-359-9484 and we will get them added for you.

Scratch and Peck Organic Layer

Price Options
One-time purchase
Save >5%
$23.75every month until canceled
  • Bring your own container to save the enviroment and your wallet.  If you are just starting out and need us to supply the bucket or tote, you may select  us to provide the Bucket or Tote.  You may also opt to get  OEM packaging.   Tired of normal messy waterers that are a pain to refill?  Get your feed in our auto waterer bucket.  

    20# Bring your Bucket:  You will bring your own food grade 5 gallon bucket and we will fill with 20lbs of feed.

    20# in a Bucket:  We will provide the feed in a reusable 5 gallon bucket for you to keep.

    20# in Waterer Bucket:  We will provide the feed in a reusable 5  gallon bucket for you to keep.  It includes an auto waterer attachment  to turn the bucket into an auto waterer. It makes providing water to your outside flock a breeze. Simply lift the lid to fill and  the gravity waterer requires no effort for the birds to get fresh water.  You can also add a stock heater in the bucket during the winter to avoid frozen water.

    OEM Bag:  The layer comes in Scrtach and Peck's  40 pound OEM bag.

    100# Bring your tote:  Bring a container in which you are able to scoop 100 pounds of feed into your tote.  

    100# in a tote:  We provided the feed in a reusable tote for you to keep.

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