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Most orders are fulfilled same week as ordered.   If you have a preference on a fulfillment date, please add a note at checkout. We will accommadate as many requests as our hens gifts us eggs on that Saturday or Monday.  We will send an text to confirm once your order is ready for pickup.


Each quantity is for 1 egg.  It is highly recommended to order serveral eggs as not all eggs lead to a sucessful hatch.  If you do not like the risk of hatching eggs, we recommend buying as chicks.  If breed is not important, we offer our assorted dozens for a significant discount.


The egg used to fulfill your order will be a completely random breed. 




    Serenity Choice: Hatching Egg

    PriceFrom $3.00
    • Fertilized Hatching Eggs

      Experience firsthand the joy and amazement of an egg developing in to a cute, fluffy, downy baby chick in just 3 weeks.   If you are looking to learn or teach children about the cycle of life, hatching eggs can incorporate lots of learning from math, science, reading, writing, and a better appreciation for life and where our food comes from. Our hatching experience package includes fun curriculum to learn as the eggs hatch.   If egg color is important to you, it is nice to hatch chicks from the exact egg color shade that you are looking for.  

      If you are lucky enough to have a broody hen, all you need is 3 weeks of warm weather, nesting box herbs for your hard-working hen, and she will do the rest! An incubator that can sustain appropriate temperature and humidity is needed for eggs to hatch if you do not have the luxury of a broody hen. During the first 18 days, the eggs need to be turned (we have auto turning incubators).  Once hatched, the baby chicks need a brooder home.

      As in nature of all births, you can expect 50% to be female and 50% to be males.  We offer hatching experience packages in which we can home any unwanted chicks such as roosters.  For those that need eggs shipped, hatch ratio can decrease from 95% to 50%.

      Chick (Newborn - 4 weeks old) 

      If you are looking to build a bond from the beginning, baby chicks are perfect.  Most chicks can be sexed with 80-95% accuracy unlike eggs.  There is a cost savings by ordering babies versus older chickens.  We usually have most

      Baby chicks require a heat source, water, food, grit, and protection.  During the 1st week chicks’ ideal temperature is 95F.  Each week the chicks’ temperature should be turned down by 5 degrees to help acclimate to cooler temperatures. ​We offer complete flock start up packages which includes everything needed including the rental of our professional brooders.

      Observing their health and behavior is important to ensure they get the care they need. Chicks have a higher mortality rate than older chickens.  Stressed chicks will get pastey-butt and their dried droppings need to be cleaned from their vents.  Cold chicks will huddle and hot chicks will try their best to escape the heat. 


      Starter Pullets 5 - 10 weeks old 

      Chickens are considered coop ready as they no longer need to be in your home.  They are fully feathered and ready to forage outside.  They are still young enough if you want to develop a bond.   Sexing is more obvious as bright red combs develop on single comb rooster breeds at 5 weeks of age. 

      While defined as coop ready, if purchased in cold months where temperatures are less than 45 degrees at night, supplement heat is needed in their coops or they need to be insulated to ensure never dropping below 45 degrees in their coop (full straw bale walls).

      This age group is popular and some breeds may not be available.  There is still a slight chance that your pullet is really a rooster.

      Starter Pullets 2 - 4 Months Old

      If you are looking for eggs quickly, this is the age you want.  Ladies are getting closer to point of lay.  Soon there will be no denying hen vs rooster.  These girls are in the final stages of a fully developed immune system.

      Hens have a higher need for calcium to avoid getting egg bound and to produce nice egg shells.  Offer free choice oyster shells.  Soft egg shells or getting an egg stuck in their vent is caused by low calcium.  They do not need heat in their coops and are durable even though cold winters providing they have adequate shelter.

      Young hens are sold at a premium as all the hard work has been done and there is considerably less of a waiting period before enjoying the delectable eggs.

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