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This package includes a radient heated pad fitted into a go home box filled with soft wood shavings and edibile nesting herbs for a pleasant ride home and useful accessories for your family.


WARNING: Never use a heater not meant for poultry. A common mistake is placing a hand warming heat packs in their go home box which can instantly kill the chicks. Day old chicks perish with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees and older chicks are even less tolerant to high tempatures. The average temperature of a hand warmer packet is 135 degrees Fahrenheit and can get as hot as  158 degrees Fahrenheit.


Our Radient Heated Pad is a safe way to keep all your chickens warm following birth or in cold weather. It has an internal thermostat, which is pre-set to perfect temperature. The 18" of steel capped cord is protection from pecking. It remains useful in the event you need to provide first aid to a chick that needs to be temporarily separated as it will provide adequate heat. Once evereyone is grown up, it has corner mounting holes to secure pad to a coop wall or nesting box. It only uses 25 watts of power and is weather resistant.


The power inverter options allows you to plug in the radient heater into your vehicles 12v outlet (cigerette lighter).  The Inveter will continue to be useful for your family vehicle trips to plug-in devices that require the normal 110 outlets. So, while initial investment may before your chicks, it extends its usefulness.  If your vehicle is already equiped with a 110 outlet, the inverter is not needed.


VIP Warm Travel Home Package

PriceFrom $40.00
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