Hatching chicken eggs offers so many educational lessons. These fundraiser coupons allow organizations or home school families to obtain free fertile hatching eggs or discounted/free complete hatching experience for their students.


You will be able to print off coupons inwhich families and the organization obtains perks.  You are able to print off as many coupons as you want to distribute.  The coupons are valid for the full year of 2020!  


For the families supporting the organization:

  1. Families bring their coupon when picking up their order (orders can be placed in advance online or choosen at time of visit).
  2. Families will be given a gift  of free organic feed and nesting box herb samples with their purchase.
  3. Families writes who they want us to donate to on their coupon (or the organization can pre-write for them).

For  the organization:

  1. Choose which coupon option you prefer.  You have the option of us donating 1 fertiled hatching egg with each chicken purchase or obtaining 1% off a complete hatching experience per $50 order.  The hatching experience is $400 with a $200 deposit for equipment rental.  For every 100 orders, you would get a free hatching experience kit complete with equipment rental.  You would only pay the $200  deposit which is refunded upon equipment return.
  2. Print out the coupons.  I recomend after printing out, write in the information for who the donation goes to.  Then, make as many copies as desired.
  3. Hand out the coupons and let us know how frequently you want to be updated on your fundraiser success.
  4. Schedule with us when you want to recieve your donations for your next hatch.




Fundraiser Coupons

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