Easter Egger

Age/Sex Selection (Economy Breed)
  • Why we like them:  Adorable like a chipmunk with a mouthful.  Easter eggers sport cute tufts which make them easy to identify. If you are looking to add color to your egg basket, they are the most affordable way to do so.

    Feather Colors: Easter eggers are not restricted by APA standards. So, they offer a vast variety of feather colors.

    Egg Color/ FrequencyGifts 3-4 Aqua Blue eggs a week

    We only hatch from the most gorgeous aqua blue eggs, however, on occasion you may get a hen that lays a different color such as green, tan, pink or even yellow.

    Personality: Easter Eggers are a breed recognized by children and adults that want colorful eggs from an aesthetically pleasing chicken. They are unique and beautiful looking birds. Easter Eggers are very cold hardy breed.

    History: APA standards regulate birds with true and stable phenotypes. Easter Eggers possess the blue egg gene but don't fully meet the specifications of either Araucanas or Ameraucans. They offer unique splits of genes which add a vivid expression of various traits and colors. While non-replicable states are often considered undesirable to APA standards, their unique beauty is admired.  Easter Eggers are a great choice for families that want colorful eggs without the price tag of  a rarebreed.


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