Age/Sex Selection (Rare Breed)
  • Why we like them: Due to being fairly new to the U.S., if you're looking for a chicken that is rare, makes a great pet, has absolutely stunning plumage, and / or is easy to raise and maintain, then the  Barnevelder is a fashionable choice.  Barnevelder roosters  are known for helping out with raising their chicks.

    Feather Colors: Bold and Beautiful!  Double laced silver Barnevelder and double laced gold Barnevelder are sure to impress your eyes.  The double lacing is very intricate and looks like hand painted chevrons applied with precise artistic skill.  Feather colors can be black with gold or black with white.  The black feathers can capture reflections of beetle green and purples in the sunshine.

    The feather pattern  camouflages quite well under brush while they enjoy free ranging.

    Egg Color/ Frequency: Gifts 3-4 large brown eggs a week

    Personality:   They are winter-hardy, friendly ladies that are easy to handle.

    History:  Barnevelders  were created around 1850 in Barneveld, Netherlands.  It was proven that brown eggs offered a longer shelf life compared to white eggs since brown egg shells block more light than white ones.    

    Barnevelder feathers are highly sought after by enthusiasts and fashionistas throughout the world! Their feathers have been used by top fashion designers to boutiques.


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