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  • Bresse are prolific white egg layers producing 5-6 extra large eggs a week.   They have beautiful blue slated legs giving them a nice Red, White, and Blue patriot color.

    While most enjoy their cold weather tolerance and high egg production, they are known in France as the best tasting chicken.  American Bresse are know to produce a marbling effect just like beef.  This makes the most succulent, juicy, firm but tender meat imaginable. Along with the marbling effect, bresse have an intense flavor that leaves you begging for more. Bresse are a far cry from the bland chickens found in a grocery store.

    Bresse chicken is the favorite of Michelin chefs, as well as French Presidents. François Hollande would have nothing else served at his table and Emmanuel Macron is also said to be an ardent fan.

    The chickens are raised in the historic region of Bresse, a former French province. France only exports 5% of its meat production and does not allow them to be exported live. Which means Bresse in the United States are labeled as American Bresse.

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