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  • It is important to know that "frizzle" is not a breed, it is a genetic characteristic of the feathers curling up that make them so attractive. Any breed can be paired with the frizzle gene, however, we breed Polish, easter eggers, showgirls, silkies (sizzles), Naked Necks and cochins. Chicken breeds with frizzled feathers are rare and very gorgeous to many chicken lovers. Due to the nature of the frizzle gene, it is rare that you will get two birds that look exactly alike.

    My favorite is the wind swept feather curls on the polish as they are just too adorable. Sizzles  are a combination of Silkies bred with a frizzled Cochin.  We breed the frizzle gene with several breeds so you are sure to fall in love with the unique variety.

    The "F" gene (frizzle) allows the feathers to curl forward instead of laying flat like a smooth-feathered chicken. There is a danger in breeding 2 frizzles together. The result is what is called "Curlies" in which the poor bird's feathers are so brittle they break and give the chicken a featherless, naked appearance. It is preferred to breed a frizzle with a smooth to get about a 50-50 rate of frizzled vs. smooth feathered chicks.  This means that even though you get a frizzle gened chick, 50% may not actually have the appearance of curled feathers.  The frizzled feathers begin showing up within days of hatching, which take longer to fill in that smooth feathers.

    Awareness of their care is important.
    Because their feathers curl forward, they leave the chicken more vulnerable to having their skin pecked and having feathers easily are pulled out.  They also do not fly, so roost bars and nesting boxes need to be lower to the ground.  They are not as cold hardy as  smooth feathered chickens. Making it even more important that they do not get wet in winter.

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