Cream Legbar

Age/Sex Selection
  • Feather Colors:

    Chicks are autosexing at hatch meaning that you can immediately tell the females from the males. All females have a dark brown squirrel coloration and males are lighter with a white dot on their heads. Perfect for families that don't want to get emotionally attatched and discover their chick is a roo.


    Egg Color/ Freqency:

    Gifts 4-5 large sky blue eggs a week



    They are an active breed that does well in cold climates.


    Breed History:

    If you are looking for a breed that captures the imagination, auto-sexing, and provides sky blue eggs, this girl is a good choice.


    Developed in the 1930s by renown geneticist R.C. Punnet.  To appreciate his work, you need to understand the difference  between common Sex-linked chicks produced in commercial hatcheries.  If you breed a sex-link hen you will not be able to visually sex her 2nd generation of chicks. Autosexing Cream Legbar produce visually sexable chicks generation after generation. 


    Their unique attractive crest is almost as gorgeous as the blue eggs they gift 4-5 times a week.


    They are heat and cold tolerant. 

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