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  • Why we like them:  Fill your backyard with a menagerie of festively feathered chickens. Astound your envious poultry pals with the uniqueness of the girls in your flock.   Our Serenity Crosses are ideal if you are in search of a unique looking chicken with a surprise egg color at a very economical price.

    Feather Colors: They offer the most spectacular variation of feather color and special features. This includes clean legged, feathered legged, crested, non-crested, tufts, non-tufts and bearded and non-bearded.

    Egg Color/ Frequency: Gifts 3-5 surprised colored eggs a week.  The full rainbow spectrum is possible:  dark chocolate, olive green, mint green, moss green, green speckled, blue, sky blue, aqua blue, pink, purple, brown, and white.

    Personality: Diverse personalities will be enjoyed.  Have fun admiring from a distance looking out at your backyard, or teach them to trust you with your generosity of treats.

    History: When not breeding a specific breed for purity, that flock gets to roam free with all our other heritage breeds. They enjoy the life of being a chicken having fun in acres of pasture and consuming organic fresh sprouts. It is such a divine pleasure to watch them forage and interact with each other on such a beautiful habitation. With all 24 show quality heritage breeds out on the pasture at the same time, we are blessed with amazing, unique, breed combinations. Allowing nature to decide which rooster mates with which hen, the results are heaven sent. It is breathtaking to witness these little chicks hatch.

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