Salmon Faverolle

Sex/Age Rare Breeds
  • Feather Colors:

    Hens are beautiful, with snowy breasts and fluffy white faces: their backs are a lovely honeyed salmon color with white lacing. Roosters are huge and magnificent, parading around with a virtual rainbow of colors: iridescent black where the hens are white, burnished with bronze on their backs and wings, while their hackles and saddles the color of pale straw.


    Males have darker colored wings which are noticeable at 2 weeks of age. Females have lighter salmon colored wings which are noticeable at 2 weeks of age.


    Egg Color/ Freqency:

    Gifts 3-4 large pink tinted brown eggs a week



    They are very gentle, do very well with children, and can become affectionate with their handlers.


    Breed History:

    They're wonderfully odd-looking, with muffs, a beard, feathered feet and five toes.  


Strasburg, CO 80136, USA


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