Salmon Faverolles

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  • Why we like this breed:   In a matter of moments, these friendly French ladies will soar into your hearts. This is an excellent breed for families that are drawn to the looks of a Silkie but need full sized eggs, hardier winter breed, and ability to tell females from males quicker. They're wonderfully odd-looking, with muffs, a beard, feathered feet and five toes.

    Salmon Faverolle chicks are easy to sex at 3-5 weeks of age.  It is a blessing to know who is a female versus bonding for several months before confirming.  Rooster wings are black and white and females have a multi-color wing mixed with salmon brown, black, and white.

    Feathers:   Hens are beautiful, with snowy breasts and fluffy white faces: their backs are a lovely honeyed salmon color with white lacing. Roosters are huge and magnificent, parading around with a virtual rainbow of colors: iridescent black where the hens are white, burnished with bronze on their backs and wings, while their hackles and saddles the color of pale straw.

    Males have darker colored wings which are noticeable at 2 weeks of age. Females have lighter salmon colored wings which are noticeable at 2 weeks of age.

    You will adore picking up your Salmon Faverolle to caressing her soft, smooth and fluffy beards and explore her  tuffs with your fingertips.  Faverolles offer distinctive looks that make them a standout beauty in anyone’s flock of fine feathered friends.

    Egg Color/ Frequency:  Gifts 3-4 large pink tinted brown eggs a week

    Personality:  Faverolles love life as much as they love the friends and family whom they share their days with. The Salmon Faverolle breed is very gentle, good-natured with children, and is known to be very affectionate with their families.  Everyone that adopts Faverolles are always delighted by how sweet, gentle and social they are.  These girls love to be cuddled and will following you and your child(ren) around.  For the days that you need a little emotional support, faverolles are sure to cheer you up. These pleasure loving ladies know how to enjoy the little things: from eating a wiggly worm to bathing in the dust bath.

    History:  At the turn of the 20th century,  Faverolles, orginated from Northern France in a samall village called Faverolles.  While no  records exist on  the creation of this breed, research suggest their bloodlines include a combination of Houdans, Cochins, Brahma, French Rennes, Flemish cuckoo, Malines and Dorking.

    At that time, the Houdan was the current breed in favor and supplied the Parisian markets with fresh meat and eggs, but the Houdan detested the recent introduction of cage confinement and did not behave well.

    The French farmers were looking for a hen that tolerated caged confinement better than the Houdan. The Faverolles seemed to tolerate confinement very well and did not exhibit any cage induced bad habits like the Houdan did. Faverolles are equally at home foraging in the fields – a very accommodating hen.

    In 1894 the first Faverolles were imported to the UK where the British continued to work with the bird and even set a UK standard for the breed.  It wasn’t until the early 1900s when they were imported to the states by a Dr. Phelps of Glen Falls, New York. Resulting in a mature hen weighing  6.5 pounds of pure joy.  

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