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Barred Plymouth Rock

Age/Sex Selection
  • Why we like them: They are great backyard birds dedicated to delivering lots of brown eggs and have fairly calm temperaments when interacted with from a young age. Another great quality of the Barred Rock is that their "barring" plumage pattern allows the males and females to be differentiated at birth.  The white dot on a female’s head is a defined spot while the male’s white dot is an undefined spot often running into his neck. The color of their legs and feet are also different as chicks. Male leg pigment is also lighter than his female counter part.

    Feather Colors: Females look like they are black with white stripes and males appear to be white with black stripes. Females are overall darker than males due to having only one copy of the barring gene. Roosters have two copies providing them with more white in between the black bars, giving them their lighter appearance. Hens pass down a copy of the barring gene to their son only. The Cock passes down a gene to both his sons, and his daughters.


    Egg Color/ Frequency: Gifts 5-6 large brown eggs a week


    Personality: The Barred Plymouth Rock Chicken is an extremely hardy chicken that thrives in almost all conditions and climates in the United States. Under the right conditions they will continue to lay well throughout the winter. This bird is highly recommended for families. They can be tamed easily and are great for children wishing to handle the birds.


    History: The Plymouth Rock Chicken is one of the older and most popular layers of brown eggs in the United States. The Barred Plymouth Rock, also known as the Barred Rock, is the most popular variety of the Plymouth Rock, and it is also one of the most popular brown egg layers for small farm and back yard chicken farming in the United States. The Barred Plymouth Rock was first shown in 1869, and it was one of the first to be admitted to the American Standard of Excellence in 1874. Barred Rock Chickens were created by crossing a male Dominique with a female Black Cochin or Black Java to produce a heavy variety of chicken with the plumage pattern and egg laying capabilities of the Dominique and the broodiness and docile temperament of the Black Cochin.

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