Breeder's Choice - When Age Matters more than Breed

  • By placing an order for breeder's choice chicken(s), you open the door to endless possiblities of egg color, feather color, and breeds. The more you order the more fun and breed variety will join your flock.  If you desire a goregous flock, find it difficult to decide on what breeds are best, prefer us to pick out the chicks for you,  or need a same age buddy for lonely chick, our breeder choice option is the right fit.  

    When adding  new members to a flock is highly recommended to add a minimum of (2) same age girls so that they have a buddy when entering an exsisting flock.

    In addition to all our normal breeds that we offer on our website, you might get lucky and recieve an ultra rare breed(s)  not currently offered such as: Deathlayer, Altsteirer, Ayam Ketawa, Basque Hen, Barbezieux, Schijndelaar,  Red Game, Crevecoeur, Dampierre, Flarry Eye Grey, Frisian Gull, Gold  Lamona, Pavlovskaya , Hedemora, Cochin, Pita Pinta Asturiana, Rhodebar, Spitzhauben, Smaaland,  Vorwerk, and more!    We frequently sell out of our rare breeds before they reach outside age. Thus, more variety is available the younger the chicks ordered.

    At checkout, families are welcome to add a general note about flock goal preference of  friendliness, egg color variety, high egg production, bantam, or no bantams.  We take flock goals into consideration and whenever possible accomadate.  There are no guarantees and final section is based on what breeds we have available at time of pick up.  Not all preferences can be honored.

    If you are tempted to request a particular breed or ask which breeds you might get before ordering, this is not the right option for your family.  Once your order is fullfilled, we will notate the breed(s) we used to fulfill your order on your paper reciept at pick up.  

    By placing an order through this website, you are agreeing to all Terms and Conditions.


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