Isbar (Silverudd's Blues)

Age/Sex Selection
  • Why we like them: If you want unique colored eggs, like diversity in your flock, and ready for a really amazing alert forager, this is the right breed for you.


    Feather Colors:

    We raise White, Black, Blue, and Splash.


    Egg Color/ Frequency:

    Gifts 3-4 large mint/moss green speckled eggs a week.



    They are an active breed that does well in cold climates. Isbar chickens are smart and savvy which aids in their ability to be very alert to predators and good foragers. Isbars are friendly and interactive with their human families.


    Breed History:

    This is one of the many breeds created by a Swedish monk, Martin Silverudd. He demonstrated a passion for developing highly productive chickens that gifted eye-appealing colored eggs. In 1956, Silverudd imported England’s Cream Legbars (highly susceptible to disease). He crossed them with the Swedish Legorn and 25% New Hampshire bloodlines to create the Silverudd's Sapphire. The Sapphires laid blue and/or green eggs similar to our Easter Eggers.


    In the 1960's, Martin Silverudd crossed his Silverudd’s Sapphires with Plymouth Rock, and Alexander line of Rhode Island Reds to create the original Isbar. The name is thought to be an acronym for Island Silver Barred. The Ibsar was a purebred layer of green eggs. This breed became all but extinct in Sweden. The Swedish Culture Poultry Association maintain a studbook of the foundation flocks of the breeds developed by Martin Silverudd in Sweden and are responsible for the recreation of the original Isbar.


    In the 1970's, Martin Silverudd created another green egg laying breed with gorgeous plumage. Feather colors include Blue, Black, and Splash with Silver or Gold Birchen neck colors. It is reported to be 75% Rhode Island Red and 25% New Hampshire, with Cream Legbar added for the blue egg gene. Some articles suggest that the Swedish Leghorn may have been used as well to increase egg production. His working name for this breed was Swedish Green Egg Layer. No official description of this breed was filed before Silverudd's death in 1986.


    In the 1990's, this breed became known as Isbar Blue, probably due to some confusion in Silverudds notes. This breed was imported to the United States in 2012 under the name Isbar (pronounced “Ice Bar”). The name Isbar is actually an incongruity for this breed as they are not barred. It also caused confusion with the original Isbar as the two breeds are not related.


    Silverudd's working name for this breed was too generic as it also used to refer to crossbred green egg layers. In 2016, the Board of Directors and the Breed Coordinators made the decision to officially change the name of the Isbar to Silverudd's Blue. Silverudd's to honor the creator and Blue to describe the color.


    They are not yet recognized by the APA

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