Olive Egger

Age/Sex Selection
  • Why we like them: Whether you want color in your own egg basket or you want wow consumers that purchase your eggs, these look great mixed in a carton of brown and white eggs.


    Feather Colors: The focus on class improvement for the Olive Eggers is their egg color. Olive eggers are created by crossing a brown egg layer with a blue egg layer. This is frequently done by mating a brown egg layer with a blue egg layer. Thus, there is no color or characteristic standard.

    Egg Color/ Frequency: Gifts 4-5 large green eggs a week

    Personality:  They are an active breed that does well in cold climates.

    History: Our olive eggers are bred to lay the nicest green eggs using generations of different breeds to perfect olive egger bloodlines such as Marans (provides a rich darker color), Amerucanas (uses aqua blue to  bring out the shade of green), Cream Legbars (uses sky blue to add green shade diversity), Rhode island (is a production brown egg layer to increase egg production), Isbar (naturally has green eggs with speckles), and Barred Plymouth Rock (often used  with the cream Legbar to coin the bloodline mint cream bar green egg layer).

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