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  • Why we like them:  Their grace, friendly nature is enhanced with their cold hardy grit. Their long and distinguished family background combined with kid friendly nature make them a perfect choice for novice chicken keepers. These girls are not just for looks. The hens are prolific brown egg layers. Sussex chickens make a brilliant addition to any backyard flock. Cold winters do not disturb their dependability to deliver you fresh eggs frequently. If you are seeking a lot of brown eggs from a bird that is attractive enough to show, this is her.

    Egg Color/ Frequency: Gifts 5-6 large brown eggs a week

    Personality: The Speckled Sussex are a calm and beautiful breed that knows how to forage. Speckled Sussex chickens are curious, friendly and most importantly gentle.  Watching them is a treasure as they tend to have more personality than other chicken varieties. They lay well even in the winter months. They also tend to go broody and make wonderful mothers.

    Breed History: Since the Roman invasion of Britain in 43 A.D., the area around Kent, Sussex, and Surrey had a reputation for producing chickens of the finest flavor at  their  poultry production hub.  Phoenician traders were known to visit Britain before the Romans and exchange poultry for tin. So, there is speculation on the development of the Sussex chicken.

    Edward Brown saved the breed in a moving speech in 1903.  He struck a chord with farmers by reminding them of their reputation for producing the finest poultry.  He berated the community for letting the Sussex disappear.  E.J. Wadman formed a club for Sussex chickens that same year. Farmers networked to find pure Sussex and began their promotion. Thus, this ancient breed was brought back from the brink of extinction and became a “new’ player in the emerging poultry industry of the early 1900s.  The Speckled Sussex variety was officially recognized as a breed in 1914.

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