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You will receive your choice of a 25lb box of whole chickens or (1) whole chicken. The weight of each bird varies thanks to the diversity of breeds we raise free ranging in our fields.


Impress your taste buds with a Slow Cooker Coq Au Vin receipe. Don’t forget to save the bones for soup stock. Test out cooking in a slow cooker with your favorite broth. Once the meat is falling off the bone (about 12 hours), drain. Reserve the broth for another meal and mix in your favorite sauce for an amazing pulled BBQ!


Raised Right:

Soy and corn free pasture raised chickens contain no pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics ever. By humanely harvesting, some of our roosters families can choose an ethical quality food for their family rather than funding factory farms. We should all be thankful and appreciate where our food comes from. Our birds are raised as free a life as possible while still protecting them from predators. Since they are not overcrowded and fed properly, no antibiotics are necessary.


Fed Right:

They enjoy the freedom of foraging on acres of pasture every day, eating a naturally omnivorous diet of grasses, bugs, and vegetation. We also provide them with the Organic Scratch and Peck feed, our fresh sprouting mix, and herbs we sell. Pasture raised birds contain more nutrients than organic or conventionally raised meat birds. Typically, as much as 50% higher than conventional chickens in antioxidant rich Vitamin E, and 300% higher in heart healthy Omega 3’s. Living as nature intended, our chickens enhance the health of the land and provide your family with dinner.


Humanely Harvested:

Free from injected broths and carrageen that are commonly found in grocery store chicken. We raise our own heritage breed roosters to give responsible meat eaters the ability to choose roosters raised right and humanely harvested versus the lower industry standards found at a grocery store. The main reason we believe in harvesting our own birds is to bypass the cruelty. It should be an emotionally difficult connection to the animal that gives its life so that we can live. We believe in giving animals a nice natural life on our homestead.


Heritage Chicken: Since heritage chickens get the opportunity to live a good adult life. We price them lower than our cost to raise to help avoid over population of layer/ dual purpose breed roosters.

Freezer Ready Heritage Chicken

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