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    • Why we like them:  Silkie chickens are precisely as they appear funny, cuddly soft fur like feathers, and looking to be your friend.  If you're looking for an adorable, sweet-natured 'teddy bear' companion, this is the right little girl. They are one of the friendliest chicken varieties and will appreciate your attention and company.  Their unique appearance also makes them a popular exhibition bird.  Silkies are great garden girls.  Silkie chicks can have clean faces or have a muff and beard. Most have a crest. For show, they need to have five black toes. Their downy feathers mean they can't fly which is often an advantage, however, also means their roost bar should be set lower.

      Egg Color/ Frequency:  Gifts 2-3 white small eggs a week

      Personality: If you're looking for a friendly, chatty, sweet-natured poultry pal  as a first bird for your children or a companion for yourself, you may just have found your ideal. Silkie chickens are exactly as they look - funny, cuddly and very kind. They are one of the few chickens who would be happy to be kept in an apartment. Keep in mind they will need a chicken buddy.  If you are low on space, Silkies are happy to be contained in a mud-free run. Their downy feathers mean they can't fly so roost bars need to be lower.   Silkies go broody often and make excellent mothers even if hatching others’ eggs.

      Reay to put your cuddly friend to work?  Silkies do not consume cabbage plants. You can plant brassicas in their run area.  The Silkies will keep the caterpillars and other pests at bay and fertilize the plants at the same time.  It is delightful to observe the hens drink the droplets of fresh morning dew from the leaves like nectar. Permaculture means solving problems naturally.  Spent bedding is a great addition to your compost pile adding much needed carbon, nitrogen and nutrients.

      History: The first western recording of a Silkie sighting was by Marco Polo, in 1298. He marveled about seeing a bird with black skin and "hair like a cat" on his travels to china.  Considering Silkies, produce more carnosine compared to other poultry, they were used in Chinese medicine. Marco Polo introduced the first Silkie chickens to the western world. Silkies made their big debut in the 1900s.  Several patrons paid to view the traveling circus side show ‘freaks” attraction where Silkies were described as "Chickens with fur instead of feathers". 


      Guarantee coverage and support for female chicks: If you accidentally pick out a rooster, not only do we provide a free home for the roo, we also provide a full credit of original amount paid towards any replacements.

      Important note: Several communities have laws in which roosters are not allowed. Silkies are not sexable by external characteristics until mature. Vent sexing is not safe for bantam breeds. I know how heartbreaking it is for some families to bring back their pet to comply with the law. DNA testing (while costly) offers a solution for families that feel the stress of surrendering their pet (in the event it is a rooster) would result in an excess of emotional stress. DNA testing is the only way to sex a baby silkie. We only submit for DNA testing on a per order basis. The process can take a month or longer to confirm which one of our silkies is a female. The silkie we reserve for you will be based on sex only and no feather color requests can be accommodated at this time. Due to the length of time for test results to come back, the silkie chick age at time of pick up cannot be guaranteed. We offer free boarding with our organic chick cereal while waiting for lab results.

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