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Breeds and feather colors  will vary but all breeds will be considered dual purpose standard breeds. We have respect for both those that dedicate their lives on a plant based diet and those that consume meat.   While we will not offer any of the  pet quality roosters from the Gentlemen’s Club for consumption,  we do raise our own heritage roosters to give responsible meat eaters the ability to choose roosters raised God’s way versus the plastic wrapped counter part in the grocery store.   The main reason to harvest your own bird is to by pass the cruelty. It should be  an emotional difficult connection to the animal that gives it’s life so that we can live.  We believe in giving animals a nice natural life on our homestead.  Families can choose to complete the life cycle by humanely harvesting food for their family rather than funding  factory farms. We should all be thankful and appreciate where our food comes from. Our birds are raised as free a life as possible while still protecting them from predators. Baby chicks are kept in a brooder with free choice organic chick cereal. Once fully feathered, they are able to free range, eat organic sprouts such oat groats, red winter wheat, flax seed, sunflower seeds, millet, barley, vegetables, fruits, and  milk,  Since they are not overcrowded and fed properly ,no antibiotics are necessary.   All roosters are live and must be humanely transported in a kennel or humane boxes.

Heritage Meat Birds (Live)

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