Lavender Orpington

Age/Sex Selection (Rare Breed)
  • Why we like them: Combine the Lavender Orpington’s soft fluffiness with a shimmering lavender-gray color, and Lavender Orpingtons are chickens to behold!  Lavender Orpington Chickens, in general, are big, round, fluffy chickens and could arguably be the softest of all the breeds.

    Lavender Orpingtons have lots of feathers - their fluffiness reminds me of a southern bell's dress. They are cold hardy and sound chickens.

    They are heavy and wide chickens, and thus are not good at flying, which makes them quite easy to contain even with short fencing.

    Feather Colors: Elegant feathers are a shimmering, pearl blueish silver color with a definite purple tone.  Lavender Orpington chickens reproduce 100% lavender offspring

    Egg Color/ Frequency: Gifts 3-4 large Brown eggs a week

    Personality: Iconic for being a great family pet that dispenses eggs. Lavender Orpingtons are large, calm, and friendly birds. They have been described as 'lap chickens' by many. They are great with children, and they also make good pet chickens.

    History: The original Orpington was created in England back in the 1880s by William Cook who lived in the village of Orpington in Kent, England. His vision was to create a bird that had dual purpose. From the Black Orpington, he went on to create several other Orpington colors – Buff being the most well-known. Mr Cook really created a ‘brand’. When he created the Buff Orpington, he used different bloodlines of fowl from the Black Orpington. The Black was composed of Langshan, Barred Rock and Minorcas while the Buff was composed of Cochin, Dorking and spangled Hamburgs. This was controversial in its day but is widely accepted practice now.

    The Lavender Orpington is a designer bird and is a relatively new variety of the Orpington family. In the UK it really started with the renowned and respected, Priscilla Middleton in the mid-1990s’. It has taken us  years of crossing various bloodlines to get the exact size and type we wanted, but we have a very impressive and successful line of Lavender Orpingtons now.


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