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If you want to rent a home freeze dryer before deciding on purchasing, this is a great opportunity. Rentals are also perfect for preparing birthday party candy treats, freeze drying your seasonal garden harvest, or food prepping for backpacking, camping, or emergencies.


Your freeze dry rental will include:

Small Freeze Dryer, Premier Industrial Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Pump Oil, Oil Filter, Stainless Steel Trays (set of 4), Guide to Freeze Drying, Mylar Bags (10 ct), Oxygen Absorbers (10 ct), Impulse Sealer.


We will reach out when your turn for the freeze dryer is available. Pick up on Saturday between 8am-5pm and return the following Saturday or Pick up Monday evening between 5pm-6pm and return the following Monday. We highly recommend familarizing yourself with videos on how to set the unit up and use it to maximize the productivity during the week of rental.


If you decide you want to extend the rental another week, request an invoice by Thursday and pay the invoice by Friday. Non-return if the unit on scheduled time, confirms purchase agreement. If you decide to keep the unit, your deposit will be automatically applied as full payment.


If returning as scheduled, we will run one cycle to confirm the unit is still in perfect working condition and refund deposit. Any damages or cleaning of the unit will be deducted from your deposit

Please note that only certain foods are allowed in the rental unit to avoid food contamination and food born illnesses between users. Thus, only cooked animal products, vegetables, fruits, and candy may be used. If you decide to purchase, it opens up much more possibilities.


Please note: The name used at time of ordering is the only person eligible to pick up the rental. A photocopy of driver's license is required.

Weekly Home Freeze Dryer Rental

Expected 4 week waitlist
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