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Hatching chicken eggs offers so many educational lessons. This educator hatchcing Curriculim guides teachers through the complete experience including a hatching schedule and daily lesson planning. To be combined with the student curriculum. Helps encourage creative thinking as participants exceprience the wonders of watching life being created. Includes Math, English, problem solving, life skills, reproduction, cycle of life, history, biology, and social skill development.  Inspire a classroom of students with hands on learning activities. The experiential learning model encourages students understanding of math, social skills, agriculture, comparing, measuring, observation, communication, Science, Health, English, and more. Teach children to pick and count chicks, use an incubator, and building a brooder. This educator’s guide accompanied by the Student workbook, provides a memorable experience for life long lessons. The adventure begins with eggs and journeys through the life cycle of chick development. Students take the role of scientists to help it happen. Students log the data and observations. Introduce exciting real world content with each classroom activity and assignment.

Educator Hatching Curriculum 2nd - 6th Grade

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