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Fun Educational Experience

This game is designed to be played by ages 5 -  Adult.  Variations of math skills and business owner strategies will determine  which way you decide to play the game.  For younger players, it combines the fun of bonding with friends and family and help develop social skills, fine motor skills, and more.


Learn  Life Skills :  This is a fun  game to reinforce  safe handling of real eggs being incubated . The game board builds awareness  of all the mishaps that can occur when you hatch eggs.  Highlighting  preventable loss and natural reasons why not all eggs hatch. 


Learn Even and Odd Numbers

If you want to  enforce the difference between odd and even numbers, use  a die.  If the  die is an  odd number, advance 1 space, if the die lands on an even number, advance 2 spaces.


Learn Percentages:  Decide on different missions to determine who the winner is based on various of percent of eggs that hatch, percent of eggs that were lost due that could have been prevented, or percent of eggs lost due to natural causes.   In addition to  reinforcing math skills, it  highlights being careful when incubating eggs to  avoid loss.


Learn  Business Skills:  Take what appears to be a simple game board and turn it into an eye opening strategy game. Perfect for those planning to sell eggs.  Players make multiple business decisions to determine their winning strategy.  Would you rather sell a lot of low cost chicks with a low investment or rare breed chicks that may have a higher market value, but is also a higher cost investment?  Do you sell chicks as unsexed or do you offer them as sexed knowing that roosters will be harder to sell?  


Learn about Ethics & Responsibility:

Discuss how economy breeds are desired for high egg production hens only.  Common breed roosters have a low value. The cost to raise a layer breed for meat consumption is 3x the cost as it is to raise a meat breed. (takes  6 months versus only 8 weeks for  meat  breeds). 


Rare  breed roosters  have a higher  chance to find a home for competitive show bird breeding.  However, only 1 rooster is needed per 8 hens.  While multiple hens are frequently accepted, it is illegal in most cities to have a rooster as a pet. 


Nature typically is balanced with 50% males to females, however,  individual hatches vary. Thus, buying from responsible breeders  such as that can take back roosters is often a high concern for most families.



Chick Hatching Game

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