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AKC Registation is an add-on upgrade option that can be ordered within 6 months of adopting a puppy. Puppies, with parents of the same AKC recognized breed, both having full AKC registration, are eligible for AKC registration, either full or limited. While all our dogs are AKC registered, our basic puppy adoption does not include registation. It allows us to offer our puppies to be adopted for a low cost to those looking for a family pet. It provides us with confidence they will be going to a good home which is looking for a pet/service dog to be loved, pampered, and given individual attention.


For those that desire the puppy be registered, we purposely offer at a significantly higher price as an upgrade option. Both Full and Limited AKC registrations includes AKC's Pet Insurance.


$20 AKC Pedigree This AKC Parent Pedigree is an add-on upgrade option when adopting a puppy.This is a perfect option for families that simply want to know the bloodlines of their puppy, but have no desire to offically register. You will recieve an electronic color copy of the parent pedigrees selected.


$200 Limited AKC registered puppies do not have any breeding rights. The AKC recognizes these puppies and they can be entered into AKC events ( all competitions except conformation since these events are specifically intended to evaluate breeding stock).


$400 Full AKC registration simply means that the puppy's owner will have full breeding rights and that any puppies produced, when he/she is mated to another full AKC registered labrador, are eligible for AKC registration, either full or limited, depending on the agreement between the breeder and the new owner.

AKC Pedigree /Registration / Insurance

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