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Upgrade your old wafer style heated brooder to a ditial version.  The digital version gives you the peace of mind and quick control of the exact tempature through a click of a button.  The old wafer style requires manually tuning the tempature and waiting to watch when the heater clicks on and off during set up.

If you don't have a brooder yet, you can order a flock starter kit.   


If your older style brooder back wall has a removable plate, you do not need a new back wall. See the 2nd photo for reference.  If your old heater is in perfect working condition, we can accept it as a trade in.

Digital Heater Upgrade Kit

PriceFrom $65.00
  • This is the same brooder system that we use for our baby chicks.  It addresses all the main concerns families have about raising chickens.  It is designed to eliminate stress in young birds  (and owners) by providing plenty of automatic heat, fresh air, light, sanitary feed and water system, protection from cats or other indoor pets, and safe thermostat controlled heater.


    The current most common illnesses amongst baby chicks is spread through feather dander or wet droppings.  This brooder offers the most hygenic environment to reduce risk of Marek's and Coccidiosis.  The droppings never have a chance to fall into their food nor water as they both hang on the outside of the brooder.  Their feces are quickly dropped below through a 1/2" mesh flooring and land on an easy to clean pull out tray.  By having a pull out tray instead of wood shavings you can quickly see if everyone's droppings look normal as you change their paper.  Roll up and toss or use in the garden as compost.


    Three clear plastic panels allow full and easy viewing and access. 28.5” feed/ water troughs provide ample feed and water space  which is necessary to allow weaker chicks access in the presence of more dominant chicks. The troughs are mounted on the outside of the brooder.  In addition to reducing the mess of cleaning droppings out of water and feed, it also saves on feed. Traditional  feeders get pine shavings and potential droppings in them or the chicks scratch and make a food mess in their bedding. Designed  to allow you to enjoy a weekend away and come back to healthy chicks.

    The 300-watt heater provides sufficient heat while the vented plastic side panels keep out drafts. As chicks are drawn to light rather than heat, each heater has a socket for a low wattage attraction light bulb (2 bulbs included), which helps to hold the chicks in the heated area. Each brooder comes with a thermometer and a wafer thermostat, which is accurate to 1 degree.

    Each side panel comes with an adjustable gate to regulate openings for chick size as they grow.

    Brooder dimensions are 32" X 38" X 12".  I recommend  a max 32 chicks up to 6 weeks of age then transition to outside in the standard height brooder system. If you want to grow your chicks out more than 6 weeks, add the optional height extension to allow upto 16 chicks  to  grow out up to 2.5 months.

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