Where you get your chicks from matters

February 7, 2018

 Our Organic Pasture Raised chicks


Meet the Parents?  We maintain most of our parent stock on site at our farm.  To maintain diversity and benefitting from top breeders in our nation,  we obtain some of our hatching eggs from reputable breeders that we have established trusting relationships with.  We breed to improve specific traits such as confirmation, color, egg color , feathering, natural strong immune systems, personality, and temperaments.


Living conditions?  You will notice our good flock management immediately  when one of our pasture raised girls or roosters greet you.  When mating, we do provide large sectioned off runs to ensure breed purity with ample coop space.  We ensure our chickens have clean water, dry mulch, straw and herbs in nesting boxes, free choice sand boxes for dust bathing,

free choice oyster shells and egg shells for calcium, forage on herbs and compost, and feed organic sprouts and fermented feed.


Hatching Methods depend on weather and if the hens are broody.  When weather permits, you will find a few of our hens hatching their eggs naturally.  We also have a climate controlled incubator to ensure eggs develop in the right environment of heat and humidity.


Newborn chicks  are gently handled with individual love when moved from an incubator to a heat controlled brooder.  We Individually inspect for health and introduced to water with molasses.  Our brooders are never overcrowded and  there is no need for vaccinations as immune system strength is passed on through genetics and living conditions are excellent. They have free choice of freshly ground organic grains, seeds, grit, and herbs.  There is

significant growth from day 1 to day 2 and no stress from being moved.


During the first week, they continue growing in a comfortable environment eating organic food, fed herbs that provide specific health benefits to the chick’s development. Individually they are inspected for health and  we address an occasional pasty butt. Their brooder is cleaned daily. The chicks will thrive well and able to reduce from 95 degrees to 90 degrees in brooder.


At 5 weeks of age, the pullets are fully feathered and mature enough to go outside providing temperature is above freezing. 


Some of the advantages of purchasing chicks from us versus a hatchery / feed store include:

· Lower cost to maintain bird health

· Breed conformity to competitive standards

· Longer life providing similar care is provided in new home

· Organic farm fresh eggs

· Stronger Immune System

· Emotional – Less chance of having  to experience death of your pet

· Average life of the hen is 10 years

· We provide support and tips from our experience

· We guaranteed sexing, even professional sexers can be up to 20% inaccurate. Hatcheries do not offer rooster returns. The rare feed stores that take back roosters charge you for their error.

· Humane care and harvesting of roosters


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