How much is a puppy worth to you?

​A shelter rescue does not compare, our puppies are properly weaned and feed on the highest quality food. While I am thankful that animal shelters are available, often the puppies were not weaned properly and may have suffered neglect and/or abuse. Our puppies have a history of excellent temperaments and make a great companion as a service dog, hunting dog, or family pet. Previous adopted siblings are successful at their jobs such as Search and Rescue, diabetic alert dog, family pet, hunting dog, and several other great jobs at loving homes

We offer quality puppy adoption for less than 8 week standard boarding costs!   Standard boarding fees in Colorado are $30/night ($1,680 for 8 weeks).  Our puppy adoptions start as low as $600.  Not only do we provide premium care and boarding for the 1st 8 weeks of your puppies life, we administer vaccinations, socialize, and provide you with a new fur-ever family member.


Strasburg, CO 80136, USA


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