We typically purchase Kennels in bulk and are able to offer affordable pricing on a Kennel package. The Kennels are 42" which allows for the growth of your new puppy.


Dogs need to have something that is their own private space. Using the Kennel and allowing the puppy to to come and go as he/she wishes helps not only with puppy house training and save traveling home, but also makes a nice "dog" cave. To make it easy for you, we including food and water dishes that clip onto the kennel to avoid spills and a puppy bed with the low purchase of $100 for the complete Kennel package.

42" Kennel Package (Bed, Feed and Water Dishes)

  • You will have the opportunity to individually select the exact puppy you want out of what we have available at the time of your visit.  Please call before coming out.  If we are backordered, we will keep you updated on a pick up date.


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