Silver Laced Wyandotte

Age/Sex Selection (Economy Breed)
  • Why we like them: Enjoy the vivid contrast of  silver laced Wyandotte feathers.  Homesteaders that seek finding a hen that is hardly enough to withstand negative temperatures, the Wyandotte’s dense plumage keeps them comfortable in that type of weather.  The Wyandotte Rose comb is flat and close to their heads which allows frostbite protection.

    Feather Colors: Like any beauty queen, the Wyandotte wears a permanent laced gown.  Their white feathers with perfect black edges around the shape of each feather enhance their fancy southern bell looking dress.  These gals’ beautiful classical feather color look brightens up any flock.

    Egg Color/ Frequency: Gifts 3-4 large brown eggs a week

    The Wyandotte intense mothering instinct can kick in and she may go broody which is great if you are looking  for a natural incubator to hatch some new chicks for you.  If this is not a behavior you want to encourage, be sure to collect eggs frequently in the warmer months.

    Personality: They are a loveable breed that is kid friendly. Docile nature and a little sass is the recipe for never-ending entertainment. . By handling the chicks regularly, they will bond to your family.  Chickens can recognize over 2,000 faces. Our Wyandottes have an innate desire to forage.  We do not like hens to be wired to depend solely on obtain their meal from a feeder, instead they crave and thrive in an environment where they can peck and scratch to roam pasture and help turn compost.

    Breed History: In the United States, nine colors are recognized in the Standard of Perfection of the American Poultry Association: black (1893), blue (1977), buff (1893), Columbian (1905), golden laced (1888), partridge (1893), silver laced (1883) and silver penciled (1902).


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