Ship Dozen Fertile Chicken Hatching Eggs

  • While we average 95% hatch rate with our eggs with the use of our professional incubator, we are not able to guarantee the hatch rate that customers will experience with their incubator or other methods.  If you disagree with taking the risk of hatch rate, consider buying live chicks.  

    To provide extra value to our local customers, we offer the ability to obtain discounted egg replacements for any eggs not showing any signs of development within 7 days.  To qualify, return the eggs within 7 days from pick up.  Discounted replacement eggs are available for only 50 cents each.

    We do our part in providing fresh, fertile eggs from quality, healthy parent stock. It is ridiculous to expect a high hatch rate from a low quality incubator or if you frequently disturb the incubator with excitement of over-candling the eggs. The good news is you will learn every time you incubate a batch of eggs and it won’t take too long that when things don’t go as planned you will more than likely understand why.


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