Keep your flock on an organic diet with this chick to hen flock journey feed package.  It is designed to combine all the food and care products to nourish and keep your flock of 5-6 chicks healthy for their first 5 months of life. 


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What's included?

The goal is to provide your family with the feed and care products recommended for raising a flock of 5  chicks for the first 5 months of life:
Scratch and Peck Starter 40lbs with Grit $45 Value
Scratch and Peck Grower 80lbs with Grit $90 Value

Dried Culinary Herbs $20 valueDust Bath $20 valueNesting Herbs $20 Value

Your choice of Layer feed with Oyster Shells:
Serenity Sprouting Mix 50lb $50 value
Scratch and Peck 40lb Layer $45 value
Scratch and Peck 35lb Pellets $45 value

Flock Journey - Feed your new flock for 5 Months

$250.00 Regular Price
$230.00Sale Price
1st 8 weeks
8 - 16 Weeks
18+ Weeks Old
Care Items
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