The  Princess Scholarship fund was created base on a family's suggestion.   By donating, you are supporting families that may not have the $50 enrollment fee to add their beloved rooster to our Gentleman's club.  If you are in a position to donate for a future family in need, your gift is deeply appreciated.   
If you are a family that needs a home for your pet rooster and are facing a financial hardship, you may apply for funding. If funds are not available at the time if applying, you will remain on a waiting list until there is funding. Once funding is available, we will reach out to confirm you see are still in need of a home for your rooster.
How much do we invest in caring for each rooster that is surrendered?
$2000 Coop large enough to support 50 Roosters
$500 fencing to support a free ranging run for 50 Roosters
$75 Feeders/waterers for 50 Roosters
$23,725 Feed costs per 5 years of care (26 cents a day per Adult).
$526 is our average total financial investment to care for each rooster relinquished to our farm.
($23,725 + $75 +$500 +$2,000)/50 Roosters= $526     This is a monthly commitment of $8.76 ($526/60) per rooster. 
We are very grateful to our donnors and customers that choose to purchase from us.  It allows us to cover most of the expenses for families not able to keep their roosters due to city ordinances.
The actual costs fluctuate as several boys can easily live for 10 years which would double our investment to give these boys a fulfilled life, while a few lucky gentlemen are adopted by loving families that can give the boys a flock of their own which helps us with room to intake more boys in need.    Materials/ financial donations and families that choose to purchase from our farm allows us to cover most of the fees to support the Gentlemen’s club allowing us to offer a low one-time fee to intake roosters  including those that were not originally purchased from us.

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