Rare Breed Fertilized Hatching Eggs

(6) Hatching Eggs
  • Each order includes 6 eggs.  

    Most orders are fullilled within a couple of weeks, however, some rare breeds could take much longer.  While your order will be fullfilled in the egg order it was recieved, there are several factors that impact when your order will be ready (chick orders are prioritized, hen laying seasons, ect).    

    Once your order is avaialble, you will be contacted for pick up or provided the shippping tracking information.  It is recommended to pick up eggs the same day as ready to remain the most viable for hatching. We do not guarantee hatch rate, feather color (most breeds have several possible feather colors), sexing.  If you want to ensure you are sucessful in adding a rare breed chick of specific feathere color or sex to your flock, we offer unsexed chicks for $15 and guaranteed female chicks with prorated life insurance for $30. (We do not ship live chicks)


    Understanding Shipped Eggs

    I offer support before, during and after the sale. I will be glad to help anyone with any questions they may have. I provide tips on proper care of shipped eggs and incubator recommendations. Know what you are doing before you invest in expensive eggs.


    Buyer Risk vs Seller Responsibility

    Please be aware that there are risks with shipped eggs due to their fragile nature. It is my responsibility to ensure our quality eggs are packaged properly and dropped off at the post office timely. As with all online fertile egg sales, the buyer assumes the full risk of USPS handling, incubation methods, and skill of hatching the eggs. We do add complimentary USPS insurance to your package to help reduce your risk. You will need to work with USPS to file a claim to recover any loss due to USPS mishandling. Fertile eggs may appear clear due to damage during shipping. Make sure your state does not restrict out of state eggs to be shipped to you.


    Egg Cleanliness:

    Eggs have a protective bloom which is important to protect the chick from bacteria, so we do not wash our eggs. We use good flock management to ensure our free range chickens have clean nesting boxes. This results in eggs that are not dirty. We do not smoke, which means, you will not have to ventilate your house after you open our box of eggs. Smoke inhalation is not good for humans and definitely not good for unhatched eggs.


    Care used in shipping: I will carefully package all eggs to the best of my abilities by individually bubble wrapping each egg.. The box will be marked. If you would like me to add your phone number to the box, please send message the request at the time of payment.

    Life of the Parents:

    Take advantage of receiving fertile eggs from our years of enhancing our flock’s genetics through responsible breeding. Healthy hens make for healthy babies. Free range healthy hens are fed the highest quality organic feed that we sell. Your chicks will come from chickens that have acres of green grass to eat and plenty of fresh clean water to drink, scratching and digging, eating insects. When you purchase eggs from me you can be assured that you are getting some of the best.


    If you disagree with taking the risk of hatch rate, consider buying live chicks. We can not guarantee the hatching rates once the eggs leave our house. We do not consider it humane to ship newborn chicks through the mail and only offer local pick up of live chicks.


  • Local customers get an added bonus. With the purchase of our breed specific fertilized eggs, we offer free homes to any unwanted chicks that hatch such as roosters. We do require that they are in perfect heatlth when being enrolled into our Gentleman's Club.


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