By placing a deposit, you are reserving the next available chocolate labrador puppy that meets the  sex preference you select. In addition to your online deposit which varies based on options selected, $400 will be due in cash at pick up.  Current waitlist for our Chocolate Labradors is 6-12 months from the date of order.  Our Black labrador orders are currently being fufilled within 3-6 months. If at anytime you decide to move your deposit to a Black labrador instead of Chocolate, let us know. We are happy to issue store credit to adjust your order.


AKC Registration Options The puppies parents are purebreed and fully registered by AKC. While this low cost adoption price does not include registration, you may add AKC Pedigree, AKC Limited or AKC Full as an upgrade option within 6 months of adoption.


We understand that unexpected family circumstances may prevent picking up your puppy from the first available litter. Should this occur, your deposit can be applied to a future litter. A deposit is your families commitment to adopt a puppy and our commitment to provide a puppy.


There are no deposit refunds unless we are unable to provide a puppy based on your order criteria within 12 months from deposit. 

Deposit for next available Chocolate Labrador Puppy

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Adoption Date
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  • You will have the opportunity to individually select the exact puppy you want out of what we have available at the time of your visit.  Please call before coming out.  If we are backordered, we will keep you updated on a pick up date.


    The parents are our family's personal pets. They are AKC registered which allows the ability to know all the previous generations and blood lines and families can choose to add AKC registration to their puppy within 6 months of adopting.


    We provide several free gifts for each puppy adopted. It is vital for the mental health of a new puppy to have mom's scent. Thus, we provide a blanket and toys to keep as his/her personal belongings with mom's scent. To help with training, we include a training leash.

    It is important to slowly introduce a different type of dog food (if you choose to do so), thus we include a bag of high quality grain free Taste of the Wild Salmon puppy food.

    It is natural for puppies to chew. So to save on your shoes and to help teach the proper things to chew on, we provide raw hides.


    All our pets have excellent temperaments. They all share their food and show no aggression towards each other. They play with each other and have lots of energy. A shelter rescue does not compare, our puppies are properly weaned and feed on the highest quality food. While I am thankful that animal shelters are available, often the puppies were not weaned properly and may have suffered neglect and/or abuse. Our puppies have a history of excellent temperaments and make a great companion as a service dog, hunting dog, or family pet. Previous adopted siblings are successful at their jobs such as Search and Resque, diabetic alert dog, family pet, hunting dog, and several other great jobs at loving homes.



    It is common for breeders to wrap colored collars on each dog and make the family choose based on sex and collar color. I highly disagree with this practice. Families get to reserve a puppy and any special preferences right away. At 8 weeks when the puppies have fully developed personalities, the families choose the exact puppy to take home on the day of pick up. This allows families to interact with each puppy to determine which is best for them.

    ​We recognize it is hard to wait for your new puppy to be ready to go home. We provide weekly photos of the litter. This helps families watch the development and is great for families that like to keep photos of their puppy's life.


    It is horrible to know that most breeders only care for the puppies the first 8 weeks of life. We care about all the puppies we have had a hand in raising. If for any reason something changes in your life (move, marriage, allergy, new baby, inability to train your new life partner, ect) you may return him/her to us. We have plenty of room and love to welcome the puppy back regardless of age or your life situation. We will not charge you for the return the dog and will not guilt you for it not working out. The decision to own a pet is an important one and should not be considered lightly. There are no refunds for supplies nor rehoming fee.


    First shots are administered and include: Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2 (CAV-2 cross protection CAV-1), Parainfluenza and Parvovirus Vaccine (MLV) 5-way protection . You will receive proof of shots and a vaccination record booklet to help remind you when shots are due again.


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